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my empty life has an even bleaker future

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I invested a good three years of my life to get on a course that I only dreamed of actually gaining admission too.

Now two years into my course I cant handle the life I have over here, my first year in the halls of residence was so depressing I honestly cant bare to reflect on how I acted.

I decided to leave my course thinking it would make me happier, and thats what counts right?
But my parents are so dissapointed in me, I can only see life getting worse.
On top of that I have literally no friends.....
This is all self inflicted, I was granted a big opportunity, which I worked so hard for but now I have thrown it all away after working so hard....
Im not sure why im posting on here I doubt it will be therapeutic for myself.

I hope everyone on here finds happiness.

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Can you not go back to school officials and ask for a medical leave until you do get stable I am sure most schools allow that Don't give up okay You need to look after you first then get back to your studies hugs to you:hugtackles:
yeah, have you talked to an academic councilor?

I know the course seems like everything, but even if you can't return to it, maybe there is something else that you will find that is better. there is a saying, when one door closes, another opens. I think that this is true, not a guarantee that the new path will be better or worse.

there may be something else for you in another place. maybe where you can find community will be the better place for you?
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