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My ex just hacked my e-mail!


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I'm totally freaking out!

My ex called about an hour ago to tell me she had hacked my account! She read out stuff that I had sent via e-mail and even txt msgs I had sent from my mobile phone.
I've called the police and they are sorting the legal side of stuff out but how do I deal with how I'm feeling?
Its like super paranoia now...
If anyone could advice or share experience I'd really appreciate it.



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Just report her. Change your password. Find where she is posting this stuff. Use it as evidence with back up from the actual emails she used. I don't think they can do anything about the text messages though since they were probably between you and her. She has the option to show them. If you are under the age of eighteen then they can be used as possession of kiddy porn if they are sext messages. Use that to sue her for damages to reputation; if she posts anything that can be bad. Also, remember to get a restraining order on her, and sue her for stalking.
Hacking an email is one thing, but how could she possibly know what you'd sent in text msgs unless she'd stolen your phone?

Do you send text msgs from your computer in some way?

I'm a bit of a computer geek, so I might be able to help you figure out exactly what happened, and how, and how to prevent it happening again. :biggrin:

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