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My Ex..

Cheated on me and then dumped me for the girl he cheated on me with..
I love him with all my heart..
I never want to lose him..
How can I get over him?
How can I get over my love?
How can I fix my broken heart?
Why do I ask this?
Because I love him.
Hes my baby-Boy..
I miss him..



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There and wearing the T-shirt.

Only advice I can offer is keep as busy as possible and lose yourself in something u enjoy. He'll still creep into your thoughts and hurt you but you learn to cope with it.

For the days you can't cope with it, you come on here and scream.


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I too miss him tremendously!
He has robbed me, hurt me, betrayed me and been mean.
He left me when I needed him.
Yet, I love him. I never wanted anyone else.
From my experience, my heart will never get over him.
My heart may heal in a long, long time in the future.
I don't think you fix the broken heart. :sad:
It will heal in time.
I know it hurts.
Cry till your eyes hurt.

Pm me if you need.



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If you want my opinion...there are lots of nice guys out there. He was a jerk to cheat on you. If he really loved you...you would have been the only girl for him. Sometimes we have to learn life's lessons the hard way. it hurts a lot I can only imagine.
If he cheated on you then he wasn't the one for you, you're young and you will might other guys BETTER than him I promise! I was going through the same situation recently as I lost my ex of 2 years and tried to kill myself, well I was unsuccessful but I did mess my memory up by my method so you're young, you will find someone else and if you put all external pressures behind and try to refocus on good internal stuff you will be happy.
Don't be stupid and impulsive like me. If you really want to kill yourself, wait and truly think it over with a logical mind and a steady heart.


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yip so from this thread i can walk away with i have never really been loved and i will live with a bleeding gaping soul for the rest of the my eternal life and i should just do it alone. awsome and people wonder why i wanna talk to noone and have some sacred salitude where i see and talk to noone beyond what i have to do to responsiblities that make me take it for the team. (my 4 kids ). ya so awsome
Generalizations can be a problem. Lostcat as stating her opinion and saying what she knew from her own experiences. While I may not agree completely I do understand. I know there are both men and women out there that give their respective genders a bad name. When one has been hurt on countless occasions, it is very hard not to lump them all into one category and draw these conclusions. There are probably just as many wonderful, trustworthy, kind, loving souls out there as well, but as the saying goes "once bitten, twice shy".

:hug: s to those who have been hurt and kudos to those that can disprove the generalization.


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I'm with Ken. I do not cheat, and I despise men that do - its such a stereotype, and those that do it make the rest of us look bad. But lostcat, back off. There's no reason for spouting rhetoric like that when it's incorrect. Again with re-stating Ken's words; men that do cheat are scum, but why lump the nice guys that are loyal, in with the scum?

In any case - bloody angel 666, I'm sorry to hear you've been treated so poorly. Believe me when I say that there are nice men out there. How can you get over him? I'm afraid only time can do it. Give it time and eventually it gets easier, if only there was a way to speed time up for you. After you've healed, you might be able to get back in the single game, although it will probably be harder for you to trust men after this incident.

Take it easy.

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