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    My eyesight is the current (yes, they do change!) bane of my existence.
    In my right eye, I've got 6/12 sight, which is roughly 67ft, give or take 2 ft or so (unfortunately, the wrong side of 67ft :dry: ), and I'm borderline for driving with that. In my left, all I see is a few blurs, shapes and colours - nothing discernable at all - I would say I'm technically blind in that eye, I suppose. I've been like this from birth, so I've grown up with it, and know no different.

    Although I've currently finished the first year of a three (possibly four) year degree, I'm just putting my feelers out there in terms of possible careers for when I finally graduate (fingers crossed :tongue: ). I've e-mailed various companies / organisations asking about the guidelines for visual acuity for jobs that I like the sound of.

    So, to date I've e-mailed:
    • Network Rail
      Queried about signaller - eyesight rules me out
    • Transport for London
      Signaller - I presume the same as NR, as it's a safety critical job
    • BAA (British Airports Association)
      No reply as of yet
    • London Ambulance Service
      No restrictions on eyesight in Control Room staff, which I asked about - downside = pay very poor
    • My local fire service
      No restrictions on eyesight for Control Room staff, which I asked about - no idea about pay, but I'd imagine not the best in the world

    So, I basically, am getting a bit pissed off with it all.
    As my doting mother :)rolleyes:) says, I may be aiming 'too low', and can easily get a better job with the degree that I'll get (fingers crossed!), but I think I'd do a job, because of the satisfaction it gives me, not because of the money.. Just enough to live on comfortably is all I want.

    I know it's two or three years away, all that job-lark, but even still...
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    Not sure what to say here :dunno: but keep trying Joe,you're ''brainy' as I call it :tongue: You'll find a way :arms:
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    Hey Joe,

    Sorry to hear bout your eyesight. Mine has been deteriorating consistently for a few years now but not as bad as yours. Sucks so bad. Anyway good luck finding a job that wants you and makes you happy.
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    I think you are right on the way you think about being happy with your job.
    Mine doesn't pay much too, but i feel reewarded, appreciated, we have a lot of fun all together, etc.
    But I understand your mum too; she knows your qualities and is probably concerned about wasted possiblilities....
    I hope your sight problems don't limit much your choices, and sure you get that degree, no crossing fingers needed there :wink: :)
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    3 things Joe...
    1 im with ur doting mum (arent they the best) on aiming higher as u have worked hard and deserve it and that will give u satisfaction
    2 dont drive...u get so much gossip on the bus :) especially pension day
    3 love to u and Sam :)
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    And that's why I love you, Sarah :laugh: