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My f..king life

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Alexxanderr, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Alexxanderr

    Alexxanderr New Member

    From the beginning, you must know my life sucks.

    So, let's start. When I was born, I had some problems and I was near to death (why the fuck didn't I die then??). My parental grandparents denied me bacause they said I look like my mother, so I don't have memories with them cause they didn't want me. My maternal grandparents some day don't even let my come in in the middle of the winter and I got frostbites. When I was little my parents always were insulting and fighting each other (I was beaten by them too). When I was like 5-6, they divorced. I stayed with my mom, and my dad said that I can always call him and he wants to see me. He never answered my calls since then. After 5 months, my grandpa died.
    I am now 15 and never had a girlfriend, so no hugs, no kisses etc. I don't have good friends. My mates always make silly jokes because of my looking (I don't see something wrong with my looking, but considering that all girls denied me, I think I am broken or something).
    And are a lot more of these!

    And I am thinking to suicide (my mom said she would have a much better life without me either). I don't think I can handle this more.

    I don't know how you could help me, but if you can, just don't tell me religious arguments about God and crap like that.
  2. Alexxanderr

    Alexxanderr New Member

    Oh nevermind. I will do it today.

    Bye for ever.
  3. XsweetpoetX

    XsweetpoetX Well-Known Member

    Wait...dont go. Talk to me.