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My family calls me retarded


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Yesterday when I was playing video games with my Nephew, he told me to not mind if their mom calls me a retard when she comes to pick him and my Niece up. He said his mom said that my mom is a retard for always babysitting him and my Nephew, and I asked why his mom calls me retarded and he said it's "because I had ketchup on my face one time."

I think I know what they're referring to with the ketchup. One time when I was upstairs watching anime and eating french fries with lots of ketchup, my mom SCREAMED my name, so I ran downstairs quickly, and it turned out the person was there and she wanted me to open the door for her.

My dad works at a group home taking care of disabled. He always acts childish. (Er seriously, every day my old dad acts childish as part of his "charm," my brother complains about it sometimes saying he doesn't get why our dad is so popular when he acts that goofy) When he first revealed his job, he said "I work with DURRR, retards, retards" doing a motion where he was flapping his arm and hand against his chest.

The point is one time I was changing my clothes and I was trying to do it as fast as I can but my family is extremely, extremely, extremely impatient and always expects me to be lightning-fast. And my dad joked to my brother that being around me is like he's still at his workplace [of taking care of retarded people at group homes.]

One time less than a year ago, there was gum in a small garbage bag in this weird hard for me to explain garbage can that's weird and tough to put a bag on and I doubt it's even really a garbage can, and someone complained and my brother said at the dinner table that it's because I put the garbage bag in a retarded way. Then my mom gave me a new garbage bag, but when I went upstairs, my brother grabbed it from me and put it in instead of me and told me to back off and let him do it.

There was also a time that REALLY stuck out to me for like 4 years. I was with my brother and his new girlfriend at a summer festival thing, and that was when I first hung out with my brother's girlfriend at the time, and his girlfriend said they sell beer here but it's way too expensive, and I turned my head and stared directly at her eyes, I'm really shy and awkward and have social anxiety so I was trying to get her to read my body language which meant "Yeah ^_^ it's too expensive, so I don't want any beer!~" but my brother said out loud to us "Yeah, [ShyGuy's irl name], " ... Uhhh I forgot the exact quote now, but he told me not to buy beer because that's "retarded." That really, REALLY bothered me for a long time.. That was the first time I got to hang out with my brother's girlfriend and him...

And my family harasses me and others to be funny. My family knows it bothers me that they always mix my name up with my little Nephew, and they make jokes about him being just like me, one time my mom and bro were talking in the kitchen, and my brother said "Yeah, he's [my Nephew's] just like SOMEONE in this family, but I won't say who it is.." and he turned around and glanced at me. They always mix up me and my Nephew's names around.

It really bothers me!!! Because this is after one time when I was playing a team fortress 2 server, I complained that my Nephew keeps being hyper and not listening to what people tell him and my Nephew keeps talking about the same thing over and over, the people in the server said "Oh, so you mean, your Nephew is just like you, then?" like they're trying to say I'm the same as a 5 year old, and I felt a bit offended.

My dad seriously has it set up on his phone, so that on his contacts list, my picture is of my Nephew. My dad said it's a joke because he always mixes up our names.

Sometimes it bothers me when he does accidentally mix up our names, though! Last week, he drove me and my Grandma to my brother's house, and my dad said "That's where Uncle [my little Nephew's name] lives." But I'm the Uncle, not my Nephew.

I've been wanting to get this off my chest for a very long time. I complain about this to my mom, but she just says I take everything too seriously and they all just mix up everyone's names all the time on accident and they don't mean to offend me. But still, I at least feel bad about all the times people in my family called me a retard.

Also, this makes me recall back when I was a kid, my family finally said there's something wrong with me. I cried in my room. Then my older brother came in, sat next to me and said that there's "something wrong with my brain." He meant that I have high-functioning autism.

I'm glad to get all of this off of my chest..


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Hey, I'm glad that you've managed to get this off your chest. No one likes to be taken the mick out of or called names, it's unfair, and I'm sorry that you have to put up with it. You aren't retarded, a 5 year old, or anything remotely similar to us, and we care about you! :)

Sending hugs


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Thank you...! Yeah, this stuff really bothers me. People always look down on me and say they can't take me seriously and make fun of me, then I hang out with my family and they act harassful to me sometimes..

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