my family is driving me absolutely nuts!

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  1. moogkitz

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    I go to high school, and I hate it. but I feel a lot more comfortable at school lately than at home. I walk on eggshells in my own house. My pregnant 20-yo sis (we'll call her S) just moved in with me, my mom and dad, and my other sis (17-yo, we'll call her K). As a result, my 25-yo sis (she'll be known as J) spends time at my house a lot more. And lately, I just can't take it. Today, I walked in the house and J had an attitude with me, for absolutely no reason. I asked why my bottle of conditioner was downstairs and she says "Why are you so selfish? Did YOU buy it?" ...:blink: no, but my mom bought it for me specifically, does that make it any less mine? And when I asked her what happened to some food my mom bought for me, she said, again "WHY ARE YA'LL SO SELFISH?!" (I don't know who is the "y'all" that she was talking about, but maybe she meant K and I). And she throws my new puppy around for biting her, yells at him to SHUTUP, calls him a "f***ing mutt", yells and rolls her eyes at my other dog... it's all just really unnecessary and annoying.

    Also, K and S got into a fight today. K got in trouble at school and S told her she was "bad as hell," to which K replied "you're making assumptions, when you don't even know what really happened." S got all pissed off for absolutely no reason, saying that she was joking when she said K was "bad as hell." They started yelling, and then S got in K's face, and S yelled (for some reason...) "GET OUT OF MY FACE!" :dry: Yeah, S definitely started it this time around.

    Don't even get me started on my mom and dad...

    Honestly, I'm just sick of all the bulls***. I want to leave this place. I'm stuck in the middle of all this drama. I want out. :hiding:
  2. Sadeyes

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    Sounds like complete chaos in your house...where are your parents? It is normal for siblings to have a go at each other, but there has to be limits...glad you have school to go to so that you have some break from all of this..big hugs
  3. LipsOfDeceit

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    Put up with it till you're done with high school. Or just try to ignore your sisters. Spend more time outside with your friends or get involved in after school activities if that helps.
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    thanks, sadeyes. it really is just complete chaos. I'm scared to come home most of the time because I think "oh god, SOMEONE is going to fight today." my parents aren't home most of the day, but when they do get here, they try to mediate and it just gets worse.

    dessy, I try to ignore them but they're everywhere xD I don't even have privacy in my room, really. I just can't wait to get my license so I can spend more time away from home. I don't really have any friends to hang out with, just my boyfriend.