My family is killing me

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  1. BlondRedHead

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    I have to tell myself that I need no one.

    I try to be a good honest person and not talk smack on anyone but I went to see my fav Aunt today that I haven't seen in, I dunno two months. She was talking down to me, treating me like shit and saying I'm just like my mom (my mom is crazy and talks mad shit about everyone), all within like ten minutes of showing up. I told her I was offended and she kind of smiled and was like, "Oh whatever... You know what I'm talking about." Seriously I have no idea what. I told her I don't say shit about anyone... she and my grandparents kept making comments and I was like, "Judge yourselves and change your own fucking lives before judging me. I haven't changed or said anything about any of you nutty people and I don't want any part of this drama."

    My mom always said her family twists things n makes shit up and I have defended em and been like, I think your embellishing. I'm an idiot. I'm just hurt now because I go out of my way to be a decent human being and they all stood there today smirking and making little jabs at me. Fuck em.

    My mom is running around outside right now, yelling on the phone to the guy she broke up with tonight... the guy she left my dad for. She comes in my room, wakes me up at 1:30 AM to say she is driving to Florida and I watched her pack plants and furniture to take to some "friend" of hers in Florida. My family is Bi polar and I need to get away from them. They are going to send me over the edge. No one to call and I am spooked and sick from the day I just had... had to vent.
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    I am sorry to hear this. my family is on my nerves too and it sux when those closest to us treat us that way.
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    I just wish they wouldn't treat me like I did something. Today my Aunt is like Oh, I don't think you should come over after all. I have had a hard week and want to be alone. Then my cousin calls me and is like "Yeah I am on my way to Aunties, she called me earlier to see if I wanted to go do this n this..." So she doesn't want to be alone. She just doesn't want to be around me (because of her issues with my mother).