My family knows.

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    A couple weeks ago my Family had that I was gay (Well, I'm actually Homoromantic Bisexual, but whatever..)
    They didn't throw me out like I'd expected them too but that isn't really the point.
    Instead, I had tried to tell them that I was also Trans but they kept brushing it off as me going through some 'phase' but I've been like this ever since I was six.
    I hate it because they're making fun of me for feeling like this (Also because I asked for Testostesrone) and I don't know what to do..
    (Sorry if this sounds a little confusing, I don't really know how to explain this..)
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    I am so sorry that you are not getting the support of your family. It must be a relief that you told your family and that they should be more supportive. You need the support in your current situation. The best thing to do is to see a specialist counsellor in your area or a LGBT organisation who will be understanding to you. Please do not do anything and keep posting for support.
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    Yeah, I knew when I was about 7 I was gay. I think for some, it take years to figure it out, so, at least you know whom you are.

    I'm sorry your family is lees than supportive, but at least they did not "throw you out" or worse, disown you. I don't really have a close family to began with, so I'm pretty much alone anyway.

    There is excuse for your family to make fun of you, and sometimes you need to be the parent in these situations. I'm sorry if that sounds insensitive. I have some strong thoughts on this, and they don't always "fit in" with others beliefs, so I tend to keep them to myself besides if you are still young, you need support from your family, and will need to think of that first, of course.

    Great advice above, you should get involved in your nearest LGBT support group, as this will help you to not feel so alone - you are NOT alone at all. (hug)

    Sorry, I hope you will continue to talk about this, because I will admit, even I am having a hard time understanding your situation. Of course, thing like the aren't always easy to explain, in all honest.

    Best wishes.