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My fault

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My exboyfriend was very abusive. He would do and make me do awful things. Lots of sexual abuse and total control over me.
I feel it's my fault that I didn't leave sooner. And, I deserved it.
My brother and stepdad abused me to. They said it was my fault. And, if I told. I would be severely punished. That no one would believe me because I'm bad and crazy.


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Hello, @Angel2019. I am deeply sorry to hear about your past experiences, but be clear that you are 100% not guilty for what happened. The only ones who actually are,would be those who hurt you. You are not "bad" or "crazy" either. Don't let anyone to convince you otherwise.


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Hi there @Angel2019

You did not deserve that treatment at all. Screw them, get therapy hun, it is the best option for now I think. You have no reason to feel ashamed although I could understand if you were angry at them. Was any of this reported to the authorities?

Do you think you may have post traumatic stress disorder? I'm not a doctor of course but its possible you may be suffering from it. Are there any rape crisis centres near you, they might have some good solid advice and support.

Keep trying trying to move forwards with your life. not back, you're not going that way *hug

I believe you. *hug


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Like @KM76710 said, it's never the victims fault. That's what the perpetrators will try to convince you of but they're lying to justify their actions.

I'm glad he's your ex boyfriend now and I hope you're safe from your brother and stepdad. Have you had any kind of therapy?


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None of this is your fault. Leaving is easier said than done. You are precious and you didn't deserve any of what happened to you.
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