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My first and quite pathetic attempt

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by sweetrelief, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. sweetrelief

    sweetrelief Member

    I thought about posting this for a while, but I wasn't sure.

    I'd contemplated for ages and all my plans went out of the window. I wrote up a brief message in a sheet of A4, left it on the table and went upstairs, ran myself a bath perfectly ready to try and drown myself.

    <Mod Edit:Inmemoryofyou:Methods>
    This was on the 19th of March, same day my ex's best friend killed himself last year. For some, probably sick and twisted reason, I wanted it to be the same day.

    I want so badly to make something of myself, but it feels too late. Things aren't enjoyable anymore and I'm more inclined to get frustrated over things I probably wouldn't before. I'm trying very hard to ignore my feelings and act normal but it's getting harder and harder for me to do so. But if I don't have the internet and all the sites that used to bring me happiness, then what do I have?

    Apologies everyone.
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  2. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    I am glad you are still with us.
    This is a pro-life site, methods are not discussed here.
    If you wish, please tell us what bought you to this point,post and perhaps read some too.
    Many here will understand and there is much caring and thought for others here.
    Not hurting anymore and not living are two different things, i so hope you work on the former.
    I wish you well, stay safe and strong.
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  3. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    Why dont you have teh internet? :unsure:

    What is it taht caused you to attpemt hun? talk to us here, your safe
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