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  1. FoReVeR LoSt

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    Well what can i say, it was fun while it lasted. Saturday, i had some friends in town and we hung out, then we ended up @ a hotel downtown. We drank, smoked some pot, watched tv, then we decided to walk to the bar. It was about an hour walk, but it didn't even seem like that cause i was high and drunk(something i kind of regret doing while i was in holland, but that's another story). So there i was, drunk and high out of my mind and on my way to the bar.We get to the bar, I start dancing and whatnot and my friends that came with me decided to go outside. I follow them and they say that they don't want to stay, and they go back to the hotel!!! So whatever, i go back inside and find my roomy. We start dancing, then my other roomy and her gf show up, so wow one big party. I met a lot of new ppl(my roomates friends). Then well this is where it gets interesting.
    I decide to take a pill of Ecstasy. My roomy asked me if i wanted to and um... Ya, i'm not gonna lie, it was a great time had by all. I was so brutally honest and outgoing and just out there. It was crazy. We didn't leave the bar til closing(4am) and that never happens EVER!!! It was so much fun. I danced everywhere, upstairs, downstairs, outside lol. We got back to the hotel room(we took the and we smoked a bit more pot *hehe* Then my roomate and i went out and danced in the parking lot hahaha @ 4:30am. We had so much fun. My pupils were huge and i was fascinated by everything around me. I was so hyper go lucky, it was lots of fun. I went to bed @ 7am i think hahaha and got up @ 11. Then i went to breakfast and holy crap, i'm sure i was still high on that shit. I had so much fun though, i haven't danced that much in years. I was interacting with everyone and talking with them. It was a blast.
    The only thing is, why am i so happy when i'm on drugs and be able to dance and interact with ppl? I think it might be a bad thing because i might end up using it more and more. I do have plans with my roomy for another night out @ the club though with yet another tab of E. Today, well i'm feeling like shit. Everything seems like it's going bad. I read on the internet that when coming down for a high on E, you feel very suicidal and depressed, well how long does this actually last? because i'm not liking it. I'm depressed and suicidal as it is and here i am now with stronger feelings towards it. I know that it will pass, but i mean, it's here and i'm @ work and i swear if someone makes me mad i'm going to yell @ them, and i never yell.
    Alright, so that is my little ecstasy rant. Sorry if it bothered anyone, i didn't intend to. I just needed to let it out.
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    hun maybe you shouldn't count on drugs to be happy hun, look i tired a lot of drugs in my years and yea you feel different than being yourself. But hun try to lay off the drugs and have fun without drugs. Yea it be weird at first but its better to have fun with your friends than have fun high and drunk. If you need anything hun you know where to find me hun :hug:
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    yeah its fun once in a while but once you start dropping like 5 pills a night then u just wnat more soo badly
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