my first group therapy session

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i had my first group therapy last Tuesday at my local hospital (oh joy) and i remember feeling as if i was going to pass out because i have really bad social phobia and i cant stand being around people i don’t know let alone talking in front of them i really thought that there would be a bunch of people there because the waiting room was full of people so i ended up being really nervous after a while i ended up being called in to a tiny room and i was really surprised that there was only one other person there besides the shrink lady.the shrink lady asked me to fill out a bunch of questionnaires that asked me stupid questions like how bad i felt on a scale of 1 to 10 and if i had ever been suicidal of course i denied that because i don’t want to have to get in to talking about that with anyone i just want to keep my really personal shit to myself

i ended up being in that tiny room for about and hour and twenty minutes where she asked me and the other girl about stuff about how we would act in certain situations where we have to be assertive and stick up for ourselves my mind ended up going completely blank i couldn’t even think of anything to say so im sure i made a complete fool of myself.i remember thinking that i hope does most of the talking so i wouldn’t have to say anything but that wasn’t the case i just wanted it to be over so i could get the hell out of there i was a little relieved when we had a ten minute break where we could either just sit there or we could go and get some water the shrink lady spent her ten minute break photocopying some more questionnaires which i had to fill out at the end of the session because it was my first time there so i guess that they wanted to know what i thought and all that shit.i can only go to these session if we have the money to get there because we don’t have a car and all our neighbours are complete assholes (i kid you not)

so usually we have to take two buses there and two buses back which we cant always do since our money situation is so bad so i really dont know if i can even go this week but the shrink kind of talked me in to going for eight weeks so if i end up not going to most of the session i will have to see the other shrink i saw before i had to start these sessions or i will be referred back to my doctor again and the whole cycle will start again

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You did good hun to stay and to get through the session that took strength and courage way to you hugs to you I hope you can continue to go and get that support your deserve okay hugs
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