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    i've written tons and tons and tons of poems, but i haven't published them here before.... so i am choosing some of the ones that i like best and putting them here... hope you enjoy....


    rejected by humans
    she turns to her blade
    to comfort her
    while the tears fall from her face

    she is so lonely
    but what do they care
    they think she is different
    so they spurn her

    they dont' know
    that she cries herself to sleep
    wishing the knives they stab her with
    would kill her

    they don't know
    that she wants to be like them
    but can't
    they don't know how hard she tries

    only her razor truly understands
    and helps to take her pain away
    it listens as the blood falls free
    mingling with her tears

    only her razor helps her make it through the day
    the only thing that keeps her giong,
    the reason to live
    is to try and die

    the things that they don't know about her
    are killing her
    every single day

    first impressions and long distractions

    i'm rotting from the inside
    so, of course, how can you see?
    your shallow eyes
    look no further
    than the smile i put on
    how would you know
    that deep inside
    is someone who's dying
    because no one suspects
    no one looks beyond
    the smiling first impression
    if they smile, then they're happy
    that's what you decide
    but what you don't realize
    is that the smile's only there
    so you don't look down
    far enough to see
    my slit wrists

    give me back

    give me back my blade
    it hurts so much less
    than the spiteful words
    that other people say

    give me back my knife
    it slices to much less
    than this loneliness,
    than this despair

    give me back my matches
    they don't hurt as much
    as the burning shame
    when he rapes me

    give me back my gun
    it causes much less pain
    than every day,
    than my life
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