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My first post - SOS

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Dear Friends,

I never thought I'd find myself on a forum like this....

I've had a pretty good life. Fought through cancer when I was 22, and overcame that obstacle to travel the world, working for various organizations.

later became a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, adjunct professor, and founder of a social networking site.

a series of crisis events, deaths of loved ones, an accident this year ...loss of a wonderful fiancee..

it all crashed....I've never been suicidal until the last 6 weeks....and it gets stronger by the day.

friends, counselors, family have tried to help -- nothing ...

the social networking site has collapsed because of my state of mind...and now I'm doing everything to extinguish these self-destructive thoughts...

may you all find restoration and recovery and heal...for me, I'm losing hope...

thank you ---

total eclipse

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Wow hun you are still very much in that grieving state you lost so much Your fiance would want you to hold on You hold on so you can commemorate the memory of your loved on okay grief therapy is so much needed so you are not taken over by the pain hun I do hope you have that for you hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles::hugtackles::hugtackles:
you seem to have been through alot, the world may seem unbearable right now but you need sucky things in life to make you stronger. if you can find the strength to make it through this rough period, please dont do anything stupid and if you really are at the point please first tell your therapist or someone else who you can trust because you cant press the reset button, it will really be the end. hey feel free to pm me and/or join the chat
Hey Irish, I'm sorry for all your troubles man. I'm currently in school aiming to become an endocrinologist in a seemingly vain attempt to find the cure to Cancer so wish me luck in that department. I have an infinite amount of respect for cancer survivors so your story has touched me. I'm also very sad for everything you've been through like the death of your fiancee and your other troubles. You might want to look into some literature on what the grieving state is all about and how to get through it with the least amount of pain because I don't know much about it aside from the fact that you have to spend a certain amount of time by yourself to accept the fact that your loved one is gone and then you have to surround yourself with friends, family, and close associates (loved ones) to remind yourself of the things you still have in your life. You will be in my prayers as will all of the sufferers on this forum. I hope you hang in there and have a better life in the future. Again, sorry for your loss.


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Don't worry about it mate - I've been suicidal lots of times - but never done it - which I guess is obvious because I'm here!

If I said I had committed suicide - I'd be a ghost!

Never travelled the world - but like you did have success in running some kind of social networking 'thing' - mine went down through legal stuff - oh well - took ten years to build up - but down it went.

Anyhow opening up here helps - family is not that good with depression - you gonna talk suicide over Sunday lunch with them? Friends also - its hard for them also - does not mean they are not friends!

But you got to reach a little - tell people your close to suicide - because if you say nothing mate - odds are - you will attempt and depending on how resourceful you are - you may well succeed!

So thanks for being brave - I'm not far from Ireland myself - a guy - I'm 46 myself and had this for 30 years. Its easy really - sure - I wake up each thankful for wanting to die! - lol - well not really.

Anyway mate - have a chat with me if you want - I got windows chat - but nobody wants to chat to me here - but sure - they fear my intellect - I concede it must be kinda nerve wrecking for many here.

good luck - and hope you find this place to be a real useful one - sure you will - if it keeps you alive for any crisis - its a winner.

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