My forever switching sides

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    My forever switching sides, by Mabelle hearts
    From light to darkness and from nice and sweet to mean and sadistic
    This is me, and my forever switching sides, also did I mention that I’m also masochist
    I cry, I laugh but whenever I’m lament or pleased depends on my mood
    My darkest side is protective, emotionless, masochistic, sadistic, mean, cold, merciless, vicious and impulsive and very violent
    My lighter side is sweet, loving, friendly, sensitive, understanding, and tolerant and very innocent
    All see my light, few see the darkness inside, these demons control what side comes and goes
    Rarely I deicide weather I’m light or dark,
    A few have loved for who I truly am and I didn’t have to hide the bird within me, the lark,
    A lot have tried to change me into something I can’t or won’t be, then broke up with me, it’s never a cushioned blow
    But I choose to keep running no matter what is thrown at me, no matter what I end up doing
    I hate having to go on without certain people, like Alyssa and my grandmother and friend,
    I know I must keep going because if I stop, I get left behind
    Then everything I know is no longer here,
    When my darkness overrides I see everything in the bad light
    When my luminous side overrides I see every in a good light
    But when I’m able to keep myself together I try and help others together
    Even though I’m falling apart at the seams and I can’t stop for a second about what has happened to me
    I know it won’t forever be
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