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    I have had plenty of experience with suicide.. my best friend, Lauren, committed suicide in the late hours of June 6th, 2008.. I couldn't bear it. She had reasons, plenty, which just made it worse.. to this day I still have nightmares, and there's only been one anniversary, but still that day was horrible, I hate even thinking about June 6th in the coming years.. I want to die around then. After she died, I moved to a new group of friends, it was the hardest decision I ever had to make, and everything was hunky dory until my best friend Ryan's friend killed herself, and that started off a chain of suicides, and that eventually got to him and he attempted suicide around 5 times. This was just too much for me cause that had gotten my girlfriend, and a lot of my friends, suicidal and depressed. I couldn't cope..

    Since then, things have been okay.. but I can't tell what'll happen in the future.
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    That's so sad. I really hope you're ok and the future's ok for you. I'm sorry for you T_T
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    It is hard when so many decide this route I am glad you could stay strong and hope you can find a good support system for yu. A good therapist to talk too and get grief councilling with Do everything to get you help okay so you can stay strong