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    He called me up just recently and told me that he needed to see me now and that I was the only one who could help him out right now. I ran over to his house and met him most of the way there, we started walking. I looked at his hand and wasn't surprised to see that it was covered in blood. When I asked him to let me look, I saw that it was his wrist that he cut.
    He has done this before, but never on the wrist. He likes to drink and has trouble sometimes dealing with his emotions. I helped him clean himself up and I tried to talk to him, but I don't think I helped much. I'm worried that he might do something drastic.

    I can't tell anyone because I know exactly how he feels. I hurt myself almost every day and it has recently been more violent than ever before. I told him that I still cut. I don't know if I did the right things but I don't want him to die.
    I don't want either of us to die.
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    i think you did do the right thing by cleaning him up and being there. he must have had an awful night and i think you saw the worst that he's going to get for tonight.

    check up on him sometime later on. maybe just tomorrow, if you can stand the idea of leaving him alone for so long. i wasn't there and i don't know him so i don't know what sort of place he's in right now.

    i'm sure he'll be okay, but check on him for sure. he obviously needs a friend and i'm glad for his sake that he had you to call on, and again, i think you did absolutely what you were supposed to do. right on.

    take care.
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