My Friend Depression

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    Depression if my friend
    He is with me day in and day out
    He never deserts me, or leaves me behind
    He cannot betray me, or hurt me beyond its presence
    He reminds me everyday of my past
    And stays around to teach me how to live

    The destruction of its path is always predictable
    Unlike my so called friends that turn on me
    When I need them most
    My friend depression stays by my side

    The pain, the sorrow I feel everyday
    Have brought me closer to the meaning in my life
    The happy faces I see all around
    Make me wonder when my friend will join them to
    Only he can show them the mirror of themselves

    I'm used to him now, the way he inflicts the pain
    We made a pack long ago when I looked him in the eye
    It was a deal made in blood, the choice was mine

    Either an ending to my life and an ending to the pain
    Or a bond with the darkness that has blackened the sky
    Sooner or later we will all eventually pay
    As for me he is here, and here he will stay.
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