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My Friend Is Being Harvested, Right Now



Death has been all around us in the praise band lately.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when our friend, was riding his morotocycle, when he crossed the center line and struck an SUV head on. He wasnt wearing his helmet. HE was flown to a major trauma center where he remained in critical condition until a week ago this past Sunday when he suffered a major stroke, and swelling on his brain, larger than the docs there had ever seen before. He was brain dead before the day was over. Today they are harvesting his organs.

Monday we are going to play a couple of songs at his memorial service per the families request.

A couple days after the accident, a woman killed her 9 and 11 year old boys and then set the house on fire and then killed herself. One of my best friends in the band, taught those boys for years at the grade school they attended.

Then, an old high school friend of mine, died along with his wife in a terrible boating accident this past weekend.

Death has been all around us.

RIP my friends...

Lord, bring peace and understanding to all who are involved.:itachi:


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That is so awful Bill. My thoughts are with you and all the families of those who have lost their lives. Hope you are ok xx


Thanks guys. The thing is, it could have been suicide. I dunno. Where the accident was with the motorcycle was on a dangerous strip of road they every local knows about. It is a state highway that runs thru a state park. it is uphill and curvy and at points in it, has a 15 mph speed limit. It was around one of those curves in a no passing zone that he floored his bike and smacked head on into an SUV.

I told him one time of my worst days when I was making my attempts. I seem to recall he mentioned something about a time when he went thru suidical ideation. I do know that he had been sober off of grass for a couple of months.

It could have been a suicide. None of us can figure out why he would speed around cars in that kind of enviroment. he had gotten a new tire on his bike that day and told his Mom he was going to ride around town to test it out. He was 10 miles out of town where the accident occured.

Could I have seen the coming? What if it was a suicide? None of us saw it coming. Why couldnt I?


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i want to do that too. donate my organs, everything that can be of used to anyone.

i wasn't much of a use to people now that i am alive, maybe i'll be of use when i'm dead.


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Ah - we're at that age Petessake - its like funerals have become a social circuit - you reach a certain age and you know that this is a temporary shelter.

It makes want to seriously party.

Tell people I love them - and mean it.

Life is so short - I'd like to die in some real bizarre way - the sort of death people would find amusing - but sad.

Ideas? Imagine a solid piece of sewage from an aeroplane dropping 40,000 feet right onto your head.

My friends would say "I always knew he was a sh** head."

I knew someone who died in a pub - and actually never got noticed until closing time. Some guys - do drink so much that they just fall unconscious.

We should have left him to the next day - sitting at the bar - we would have had to bury him in a big square box - maybe painted like a dice in honour of him being a degenerate gambler.

Re: harvesting organs - sure - I have one in mind to send to the UK Government with instructions on what to do with it.


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