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I have a friend on a forum thats been suicidal for a long time now.. and she's attempted many times.. but she just cut her vain and is letting it bleed.. I have no idea where she lives and I just dunno what to say to her!! HELP


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i am here.i think the only thing you can do is just keep telling youre friend how much you care about them.try to think of any good points in there life that they have told you about and remind them of those times.also if they have family or children talk about them and what they would miss out on if they died.i hope this helps at least a bit.can you post more about why this person is suicidal here maybe we can come up with better suggestions if you do.
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this persons family is one of the main reasons she's like this... she had some tramatizing experiences and stuff and she thinks this is the best anwcer

thanks for responding


she's only a preteen btw... which makes it alot sadder..

I talked her out of doing it right now.. but she's planning on doing this monday any way...


I have to leave now.. and that means leaving her too

she promised she wouldnt do nething while I'm gone but I dunno.. she says she still wants to cut... x(

I'll b back in a few hours

plz respond and help


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You could tell your friend what someone told me "if she tried to kill herself anymore it would mean that she is letting the people that hurt her win".
(Only if that applies to the situation.)
pls do let us know!! Others do care.


I think I've told her stuff along the lines of that before but thanks for the advise

so she didnt kill herself when I was gone.. but its still the same deal.. she's like they should have just let me bleed to death

.. like everyday its the same thing.. I'm just runnin out of things to say
im glad she was safe this time, you say your running out of things to say, many times words can't express everything, but being there for them and letting them know you allways will be and you care, can say a thousand things that words can't


thanks.. I'll just try and keep talking to her

here's the whole story.. so maybe u guys can help better..

ok.. here's the full story.. its long and kinda complex

I've known this girl for like.. more than half a year now on a bands forum we both go to

see....I'm also suicidal, I've been like this for over a year. one day I was feeling really really bad and needed to talk to someone...and she was the only one on the forum so I pmed her I told her that I was suicidal.. and then she's like so am I. so that really surprized me.. I dont cut but she does alot.. she tells me things like no1 wants her to live except like 5 ppl.. and I guess I'm one of the 5.. her bf watches over her alot but she always finds a way to cut.. I really dont want her to die.. but she seems to be getting worse like everyday.. and if she dies that'll just make me more depressed.. so its just a really crappy chain reaction

so any advise?...
well its good that she knows theres at least 5 people that care, thats proberbly keeping her going and her bf helping must help alot, Cuttings her way of coping with the intense emotions shes feeling right now, and someone taking that method away or at least trying to stop it is gonna make her feel like shes being forced to stop when she may not nessecarly (spelling?) want to stop, but in my opinion her bf's doing the right thing in trying to stop her, he only cares for her

maybe trying to arrange her to see a doctor or counseller if shes not allready seeing someone allready, explain to her that depression is a chemical im balance in the brain, and with the right help she can get better

maybe explain to her that if she wants to get better she has to help in some way, and going to see a doctor, counseller or psychiatrist is the first step in helping herself, say its not gonna go away by its self and it needs to be sorted out very quickly before those 5 people who care for her lose a her because she wouldn't get help

hope this helps

vikki x


thx so much 4 trying 2 help

so.. I shouldnt be trying to get her off cutting?!.. ok

I already told her she should go to a councler... or somewhere and she basically cussed and said not in a million years.. so



she just said her dad just said " arent dead yet...gonna get to it or not?"

uhm.. thats like unbelievable mean for a parent to say o_0 what should I tell her... err... I'm no good at this
ermmm theres not much someone can say to that, i cant believe her dad would say that! parents are meant to love their kids no matter what!

isn't there relatives she could go stay with or if shes old enough leave home?


yeah I know.. cant believe her parents

uhm I'll ask her that

she's only 12.. and I'm older but still a teen.. its kinda hard to get through to her
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