My friend wants to commit suicide and has very strong reasons to do so

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    Just so you know, his work was contacted and his family knows. And he has already attempted TWICE. First by <Mod edit, WildCherry: Methods> (i'm sketchy on the details of that part if he did or not - was told that he said he stopped because it hurt too much) <Mod edit, WildCherry: Methods>, The dad and sister thought nothing of it until recently.

    He plans to do so again in the future. He has no more pills but told the sister he will get more, but said he will be alive for now. His girlfriend has brought him papers with suicide and doctors info. for help and is with him as well. Only his sister has talked to him but she told me and the parents.

    Parents have not talked to him yet because they are trying to get daughter to do what she can. They don't want him to feel betrayed as he has only confided in her and his girlfriend so far.

    He is safe at the moment. And I made plans with him Friday after I found but pretended I didn't know. We are like brothers so i'm sure we will hang out. The girlfriend told his work.

    He is going to talk to the Vice President of our Hospital tomorrow, and Baptist is a very quality place and i'm sure they will help. They are very professional with many professionals available. We have called the SUICIDE hotline, and we have the options escalating in order of:

    1.) Family Talk 2.) Crisis mobile 3.) Police/Doctors take him away.

    Now the only reasons i'm posting here is because my ex-girlfriend was able to find his true reasons for wanting too after forcing it out of him basically. Well his reasons are very logical and when I heard it myself it made perfect sense. If I was in his same position, i'd be thinking the same. His reasons are:

    1.) My life depends on pills
    2.) I'm always in pain
    3.) I'm tired of taking pills
    4.) I sleep all day

    Basically this guy has been in and out hospitals CONSTANTLY since he was a kid. He is now 32. He can't even stay in school or attend work consistently because of his various conditions.

    He is extremely smart. I'm not saying this in a "I love him" kind of way, but I mean he is smart. His intellect is above everyone I know as well as myself. Not smart in a nerdy useless way, but very practical way that can get you extremely far in life. Except he has been sick all his life. This guy is literally in the hospital several times a year. He has been in.. around 5 times this year I think for various things.

    Seeing it like this.. I can understand why suicide is an option. Life just seems to painful and suicide is the only release. A common saying as that "Suicide is a permanent problem to a temporary solution". Well how about a chronic illness that just doesn't go away?

    Can someone help? Does someone know the right thing to say? Should he even try to live? When I think about it.. it's like letting someone who is always suffering live. Is that ethical? Is it ethical to suicide? Sigh.

    I hope something on here can help shed some light.
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