My Friend was raped last night.

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    it was my birthday today and the first phone call I got was from a good friend of mine, it took her 20 mins jsut to calm down enough to get her words out,,, last night she was drinking at a party and a guy there raped her.

    She said she had bathed,, when I told her not to and call the police,, she didnt want to call the police as she had taken a lot of illegal drugs aswell and she is a healthcare worker,, she was afraid she would lose her job.

    She says its her fault,, she has been off the rails for a long while,, drinks heavily, sleeps with random guys,, takes drugs,, her lifes gone down hill because she thinks she needs a man to complete her and she cannot find love.

    this is her song, I told her but i dont think she see's it. she talks to me because im rational. I couldnt go to her today, I was at my mums with the kids when she called. She took more drugs and went to bed, I couldnt call the police or ambulance as I dont even have her postcode, she normally comes here or we meet up.

    i ive always had a strong positive view of people,,,, but its slowly disintegrating, eroding at the edges,, i can feel it
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    I am sorry to hear about your friend and what happened to her. She IS NOT TO BLAME as she no doubt blaming drugs. She is taking the drugs in order to overcome Her guilt feeling. She is only going into a downward spiral as she will be replaying the experience in her mind. She needs to speak to rape crisis specialist in order to get support. The next 72 hours are important as this will have a major impact on the rest of her life and she will find it hard to find future relationships. You have to remain strong for her and yourself. Please tell her she needs to get support as she was not at fault. It does not matter if she took substances as she suffered an awful experience which was not her fault.