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  1. Me and one of my best friend just found out via facebook that our other close and best friend...has jes died in the last 19 hours or so...not sure but like us she has mental health problems and suicidal feelings...which is scary to even think about now...but really sure what is going on as jes been on her facebook page and everyone is leaving messenges saying rest in i just put a status saying the same though i dont really believe it...i tried to cal her number but she didnt not answer and it went straight to voice mail...and i tried her landline as well but that jes rung out and went to voicemail...and now my other best friend was crying hysterically and then jes stopped! is pretending like everything is ok and swearing and saying its a sick joke...everything is happening so fast i really dont know how to deal with all this...can someone please tell me how iam supposed to act or what iam supposed to do in such a situation :S
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    Hiya, Bea. :hug:

    In your shoes, I'd be just as worried as you are. Before thinking the worst, get the facts on your friend's status.

    How to act? How about if you accept that the situation warrants your concern, but you leave aside the high emotions of grief, anguish, etc. for now...until you get the facts.

    Reacting to speculations and half-truths can be very exhausting and hurtful to everyone if things turn out to be a big mistake. Better to know the truth and react to it when you've got the facts.

    I hope all is actually well with your friend and that there is just some miscommunication going on.

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  4. She is friend's mum spoke to her dead who confirmed she is gone forever! :'(
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    I'm so sorry to hear. :hug:
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    I'm so sorry bea...*hugs*
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    :hug: so sorry to hear this Bea, i've been in your position more than once, as i'm sure have many others on here.
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    Sorry to hear your friend is gone i hope her family has support to help them through the pain as well as you okay. hugs
  9. Thank you every one. Her funeral is on Friday..its jes soooo hard :'( Feeling helpless xx
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    So sorry about your loss...big hugs