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My friends are in pain :(

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I'm feeling pretty crappy right now. Two of my dearest friends are going through a hard time. One of them was brutally harassed last night on FB and I know it's bothering her. She's kind of isolating. Then another friend is being bullied by multiple people and she's being very expressive on how it's bothering her. I'm trying to not be too much in there face, but it's hard because I want to give both of them a big hug and tell them it's going to be okay. The one who is isolating I sent her a message last night saying what a beautiful person she is and if she needs to take time away from Facebook than that's okay with me. I've kind of agreed not to contact her again, until she is ready. With the other friend who is being expressive. I don't know why, but I hate taking sides. I spend a lot of time telling her that I'm so sorry and if she ever needs to talk than I'm willing to listen. I guess what makes it difficult is that they're not really in the mood to talk to me specifically. The one who is being expressive is just being expressive in general. I don't want to make this about me because I know they're both having a hard time and this is not who they're normally like this, but it's a little difficult because I feel like they're ignoring me and that causes my insecurity to kick back in. I just wanna be that person who makes everything okay for them and I kind of feel horrible for feeling this way because again, it's not about me.

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Hun you can only be there for them maybe just listen okay they have to help themselves hun stay off the face book i deleted mine go to secure places where they cannot be bullied like a forum hugs to you
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