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my full list of schizo delusions

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by LostMyMind, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    These are most of the delusions I have had due to schizophrenia..
    I thought that my coworkers were reincarnations of historical heroes
    I thought my brother in law was Christopher Columbus
    I thought a guy was going to kill me and then pretend to be me
    I thought life was a game and everyone was a puppet used by a higher power
    I thought that this guy I knew was Cain (from the bible)
    I thought the same guy was the next Pope
    I thought I was a warrior destined for glory
    I thought I was going to be stoned to death in Afghanistan
    I thought I could fly and walk on water
    I thought that I was here to save the world from inevitable destruction
    I thought I knew the future and was a prophet on a divine mission
    I thought I could somehow travel time
    I thought my dreams were from God and telling me to do things
    I thought that I had lycanthropy
    I thought my dog was the reincarnation of a dog I use to have
    I thought everyone knew everything about me
    I thought I was a Caesar
    I thought I was doomed to hell for all eternity
    I thought my Mom was turning into a monkey
    I thought my dad was going to cut me up and burn me alive in his fireplace
    I thought someone was plotting to defecate on me while I slept outside
    I thought this life is purgatory
    I thought I was going to be hung on a meat hook and used as a punching bag
    I thought if I slept at a certain time I would have dreams from the aligned planet
    I thought the world was going to war over who will colonize the moon first
    I thought I was going to be forced to give fellatio in a prison for the rest of my life
    I thought someone was going to cut me in half, shove me into a sewage pipe and leave me to rot alive
    I thought everyone was going to turn into ravaging animals
    I thought I never had to sleep at all
    I thought everything was an act of god/spiritual intervention
    I thought all my coworkers were murdered
    I thought the grim reaper was after me
    I thought that god was communicating with me
    I thought I had no heart beat and was a walking dead
    I thought a man was after me with a gun
    I thought a group of people wanted to hunt me like an animal
    I thought the same group wanted to rape me, cut me up and eat me alive
    I thought I was immortal and could not die
    I thought everything I thought within my head effected reality
    I thought that everything bad I've done would come back to me three fold
    I thought my family wanted to torture me with razor blades
    I thought I ran far away from home but ran almost in a large circle
    I thought I had aids
    I thought everyone and everything was just a part of myself
    I thought they were going to perform surgery on me at the hospital
    I thought that I was a hero and had to save others lives
    I thought this guy was going to cook me alive on his huge charcoal grill
    I thought that I was a god
    I thought I was an angel
    I thought I was an alien and wasn't meant to have pinky fingers
    I thought the fbi and police were after me but for no reason
    I thought people were on their way to kill and rape my family and I
    I thought everyone was reading my mind and could put thoughts in my head
    I thought everyone was being controlled by their "governing planets"
    I thought all my dreams and nightmares would come true
    I thought that everyone, even strangers hated me and wanted me dead
    I thought that I was demon possessed
    I thought everything was about me - labels, music, tv, movies, talking, etc.
    I thought I was going to be forced to go to Iraq
    I thought I had a creature living and crawling around inside my head
    I thought I was a ghost and invisible
    I thought I died three times and my life was set up to repeat itself
    I thought that there was a clone of myself running around commiting crimes
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