my funeral poem

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  1. this probably isnt suitable for my funeral but it needs to be read after ive died

    There was a young boy called james,
    Who thought life was fun, with games.
    Then he became a teenager,
    who then made a wager.
    He bet that he would do well,
    Then his life, it turned to hell.
    James is happy no more,
    His mind is constantly at war.
    So what will become of him,
    Nothing it seems,
    The light grows dim,
    Even in his dreams.
    He started to hate his life,
    So he then took it with a knife.
    Now we lay him at rest
    He will no longer mend
    Perhaps its for the best
    And for James, this is the end
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    James, I'm interested in why you're feeling this way and what we can do to help. I'm sure everybody else is too. Since you're posting here, care to share it with us? Because a lot of us can't stand feeling helpless and guilty if we can't help.
  3. im goin to explain everything ive been feeling for the last few years tonite when i have some more free time. i will write all the thoughts that have gone through my head. its clear that i am confused. but its clear i want to die and i will succeed this time.
  4. TWF

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    I'll be sure to read.
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