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My Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Forgotten_Man, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    So over the past couple of weeks I have realized something. I have plenty of constructive excuses to keep me busy until my cat dies. Plenty of excuses to keep me from having to suffer through going out and meeting people in a pointless attempt to obtain friends or significant others.

    The first is my fitness. Right now I have the excuse of saying that I do not have the physique that I want. Given that I have plenty of extra skin from being fat I doubt I ever will. However, I do know that if I ever get my physique to where I want it to be. I can always say I am not where I want to be fitness wise. I can always come up with some kind of excuse. Like I want to be able to do 10 overhead squats at my body weight or I want to be able to bench press my body weight 5 times or I want to be able to run a 6.5 minute mile. There are endless goals I can set for myself. Lots of fitness and physical training is required to be able to do the first two goals. So I have plenty to lie about.

    Next is my website, I can say that having my website is important to me, and takes up a lot of my time. I want to make sure my website is good and has plenty of information for others. I want to help the anime community by making sure they have a good website to go too. Even then I can say that I need to redesign the site so I can make it run faster and require less work. Plus this will help me with my career. I can try out new programming ideas on my website to stay ahead of the curve.

    Finally there is cosplay. I can say that making a good cosplay is something that is important to me as an anime fan. If my costume looks like crap when bother with it? Making a good cosplay requires lots of time and effort. It will also help improve my creative and artistic skills. If I cannot have a good cosplay why even go to anime conventions?

    So as everyone can see I am FAR beyond help. I have a nice triangle prison that I have set up. All three of these are things that will improve me in some way shape or form. No one would ever say that I am going over board with them. All of my reasons are perfectly reasonable. I am not addicted to any one of them. Because if I was truly addicted to one of them I would not have time for the other. Plus I have become REALLY good at lying to my family about how life is great and I am doing just fine. None of them see me rotting away into nothingness. Plus with my kitty being so old and having a few health issues... well she won't be around for much longer. Most definitely not enough time for me to reach my fitness goals, website goals, and make good cosplay. So I will just rot and then die.

    I only hold any sentiment to my cat right now. I could care less about my family. I know my sister is lying to me when she says I will be missed. No one misses the person who's very presence makes it awkward to be in the room. She can lie to herself all she wants. However, if some kind of memorial were to be held.. people would just stand up there and talk about.. well they would not have anything to talk about. THey would all cry because they are supposed to cry.. nothing more. Now all that is left is to try to not hope my cat dies soon.
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I lost a much loved mog :cat: last year.
    I helped him into the world and he lived to the ripe old age of 23, so our relationship lasted longer than most marriages :laugh:
    I also lost my dad two months after the old Lem :cat:
    Still miss them both, but even tho families can drive you mad and most of the time are a right royal pain in the arse, they're kind of all we have.
    There's a saying that goes something like "family are the people who have to take you in if you turn up" :laugh: maybe building some kind of a relationship back up with them?
    I know sometimes things happen that make people turn their backs on their families and thats they're perogative, but I'd kill to have a sibling.

    I'm rambling and I know it, but one last thing, you have the potential to make great friends here (I know I have) and life can be more than just a prison and hobbies.

    ps: my pm box is always open if you fancy a chat.
  3. Sent

    Sent Banned Member

    Mayne I'm sor sorry its so hard mayne
    Idk bout other stuff but I'm a fitness guru!
    I can say loose skin is a gimmick by plastic surgeons!
    Skin is elastic, it wants to keep shape.
    Keep loosing fat, and daily lotion whole body with good cocoa butter, I recomend palmers
    I was overweight, had lotta loose skin people said id need surgery
    But after bout a year - jacob black ain't got shit on me. Well except he normal brain and has a gf though she is a baby
    But cmon mayne things beter than we see em mayne
    Itss ok mayne don't feel bad it ain't ur fault ok? Ur ok good ur ok? Be ok pls
  4. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    @Terry: :/ I do not know how to make friends. Even if I did, I do not make them at the gym. That is the only place I regularly go to with other people. The rest of them are hobbies that I do alone.

    I would PM you.. but I do not know what to talk about.

    @Sent: I will keep losing fat. If I build enough muscle I will fill up what I have left. That was my plan.. not really sure how I am going to do that... but... eh... like I said it can keep me busy till I die.
  5. Sent

    Sent Banned Member

    Mayne common mayne!
    Ya ull gain msucle keep working out, and get lotta protein
    If its hard to get more meat take 2 protein shakes on workout days and 1 on regular
    Just estimating cuz idk ur height and weight
    But 2 shakes will add like 56g protein to ur daily macros
    And dude loose skin will go away don't worry
    Its elastic mayne common mayne
    K I gtg sleep ttyl
  6. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    @Sent: Yeah I know, I get tons of protien in my diet.. most days I get around 250g. I also know I have to keep working, hence the get out of jail free card. I can say I want to work on my body. I can work on it till I die. I have no intention of quitting fitness either. Just because it is slow does not mean I am going to quit. Hell it is the one thing I do with measurable results.
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