My gf and I had to break up =[

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  1. My gf is a transgender (male to female) and we have been together for 5 months. And shes lately been having cravings for guys. She told me before she was but the cravings werent that strong. And this past weekend i had asked her if they were just sexual cravings or emotional too. And she said both. =[ like its not her fault. Its the hormones shes taking. She wants to be with me. Its just not fair. Would anyone happen to know if this is just a phase? Because i really hope it is.
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    A doctor can explain more to your gf what is happening it could be hormone changes but it is good if she had a therapist to help her understand and for you as well to understand what is happening
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    I don't really think it's fair to blame the hormones on your girlfriend's sexual preferences. As a male to female transgender on hormones myself (even though it's only been for a little over a month) I really haven't experienced any sexuality changes. I'm still just as attracted to women as when I started the hormones. I'd say chances are she's always been attracted to men but hasn't ever felt comfortable with herself in being with a man. But I suppose the hormones do effect everyone differently so my experience obviously won't be the same as your girlfriend's experience with them.
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  4. She is even saying its because of the hormones. She didnt feel this way when we started dating. Then 2 months ago she started having cravings but we thought it was just a phase. And then they have just recently started to get stronger. So we dont know what to think of it.
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    When I came out to be gay, I experienced that feeling too. I came out at age 22, and I thought I had lost a part of my life.
    As the other gay guys at my age had had far more partners than I had, I was leaned to think I had to make up for lost time, but soon I realised, enjoying life didn't require I had to be like the other gay guys.

    In a short time I realised I could enjoy life as much as anybody else without the need of switching partners periodically.
    I don't really know if my experience relates to what you and your gf are living now, but I think she actually needs that to realise how happy and satisfied she already is, and that all she ever wanted was already by her side.
  6. Just an update on this. We are back together! =] it took her some time to realize that all she wanted was right there beside her. She is different this time around as well. I am glad I waited and gave it another shot. =]