My gf freaked me out

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  1. MaNg0s

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    Well I have been with my gf for around 3 months now. I made the mistake of saying I love you too early but now shes saying it back and well its all going well anyway because I do love her and care for her a lot. We were having one of those discussions asking eachother how many sexual partners shes had and I've had. She asked me how many girls I have given head to I said 2 as I had only had 2 other gf's and I asked her how many guys she has given head to who she was not involved in a relationship with she said 7. Now shes 19 and to me thats a lot 7 especially when she was not involved with them.

    Now everytime I look at her it just runs through my head 7 all the freaking time and its really bothering me. Is this amount of guys normal ? Am I overeacting to freaking out by this. I know its her past but still the past can say a lot about a person. Before I could be soo mushy with her and call her cute but now everytime something sexual is about to happen I just think 7 other cocks and just get freaked out.
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    let the past be the past. if you really love her, don't let that get in the way :hug:
  3. Eric

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    I'm inclined to tell you what my mind tells me, but I'll lie to you instead!

    The past doesn't define her and it doesn't matter that she's been with 7 other guys. You're dating an amazing girl.
  4. MaNg0s

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    Thanks its just more comforting to hear it from other people. I do love her a lot it just caught me off guard but the 7 guys she fooled around with there was no fucking involved just blowjobs but I mean still kinda freaks me out a bit.
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    My first girlfriend had been with a lot more than 7... And I knew 3 of her exes quite well, as did she. This was problematic, to say the least.
  6. XXXXX

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    "normal" covers a lot when it comes to sex.......:wink:

    If 7 freaks you out it is "Normal". if 27 does not freak her out it is "Normal".

    Some women view BJ's as less intimate than sex (the fact I struggle to understand how that thinking works :eek:hmy: does not make it untrue).....not quite on a par with a kiss on the cheek :tongue:, but nothing of great meaning. Just recreational - but it don't automatically mean she be heading :)laugh:) into double figures whilst she is with you.

    Good news for you is that she probably has got the hang of it :cool:

    But you have learnt a valuable lesson (and not just on sex) - never ask an awkward question when you are not prepared to deal with the awkward answer.
  7. MaNg0s

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    True she has got the hang of it but sometimes that kinda scares me like last night she was you know and at one point I just looked at her and thought 7 guys lol now with me I just try to freak myself out and I have hard time of letting things go but I am managing to try and forget it but its just hard.

    Some of my friends say that it's a lot some say it depends on the period of time it was done over but for me it still just means 7 guys. You are right next time I will not ask an awkward question if I don't want to hear the answer but the thing is she asked me the same question so in turn I asked back just as normal conversation goes but it was a mistake.
  8. XXXXX

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    But the thing to remember (whether she has 1 previous sexual partner or 101 :eek:hmy::tongue:) is that she has now chosen to do these things with you. not them. And in many respects it is better to be the chosen one from 8 blokes than from none.

    Unless you know already, do not ask the timescale! Is a crazy weekend better than over a couple of years? :tongue:

    ROTFLMAO :biggrin: That my freind was called "a Test". Yer often don't see them coming (unlike your g/f :laugh:) and "Tests" never stop. Women are complicated creatures, sometimes (often?) best not to think too much about how and what they think. Yer simply get a headache :wink:. Whether you have passed her test or not I don't know - but bearing in my mind your recent experiances I suspect so :cool:

    Us blokes are often quite simple creatures. Rarely a problem great enough to involve saying no to a BJ :tongue:. No matter that this "problem" is about BJ's :laugh: Dr XXXXXX suggests you continue to work through you BJ "issues" with the assitance of your G/f :biggrin:
  9. aoeu

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    Indeed, she may have been trying to gauge your response. Perhaps she's self-conscious about it.
  10. Random

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    I hate to sound harsh, considering I'm supposed to be supporting you but this is exactly the kind of attitude that causes so much neurosis over sexuality in society. And it's common enough that most women almost feel "unclean" if they can't say they're entirely chaste.

    Why on earth should it matter? The only reason I'd be concerned if it were me is I'd be worried about STDs. So if I were you, I'd suggest that she and I go and get tested for all the major STDs, just to be safe and then I'd stop holding the fact that she's a human being with sexual desires of her own against her. Getting tested for STDs is a good idea anyway and more people should be doing it before they have sex.

    Really. This is your problem. Not hers. Don't give her a complex over something that's in your own head.
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    I agree with the others. Just let by gones be by gones. It happened, it's over, and it can't be changed. Just move on and don't dwell on it. She's with you now, feel grateful you have the opportunity to be with a nice girl. The number doesn't matter so long as she is faithful with you.
  12. Entoloma43

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    How do you give head to a girl? :confused:
  13. Eric

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    You "eat" her.
  14. HexenBexen

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    She had the courage to be honest with you about it, probably knowing that you may not like it. That's got to count for something, right?
  15. KirstyMissJimBob

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    I totally agree