My GF left me for another man.

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    This happened a long time ago, but I still feel the pain sometimes. It bothers me that I'm still bothered by it. I'm afraid that I'll never get over her. It all started when I left for graduate school. I could only see her once a week due to the distance and my work schedule. Meanwhile, her co-worker began flirting with her. He knew she was with me. She decided she didn't love me anymore and left me for him. Now she loves him, more than she ever loved me. I know this because she told me. It is devastating. I'm so angry and depressed. I want to lash out at the world and break as many hearts as possible. But deep inside I don't want to hurt anyone. I can't do it. I just need someone to listen to me without judgment. I don't want to hate her, but I cannot bear knowing her. I feel like everyone in the world is just bent on hurting each other. I don't want to become that, but sometimes I feel like giving in.
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    Hi,hon. Im sorry this happened to you. I know it mst be very hard. And its great that you realized that lashing out is not the right thing to do,because its not. What she did was wrong. But sometimes it just happens. You two grew apart. And you will find someone who will make you happier. Someone who it better suited for you. Youre still young,you have so much time. Dont worry so much about it.

    And im always here if you need to talk. Im never judgemental.
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    I think I know how just how you feel. I feel like that about my ex sometimes. I know it's really hard. I know the feeling of not wanting to hate someone but you just can't help it. It's like that hatred contaminates and kills your soul. I suppose the best thing you might be able to do for now is get rid of all things that remind you of her. Photographs, e-mails. Phone number, on your contact list, etc. Stop talking to her. That what I've pledged to do in my situation.

    Then I suppose that with time you'll start forgeting. Time may be what best help. Then just wait and hope that an other person will come along and you'll love them more than you ever loved her. You need to let go of what she did to you and give yourself into loving and trusting somone else. And I know that putting yourself out ther may be hard and scary because you're afraid to get hurt again. But if you don't you'll always keep remembering her and what she did to you.

    Anyways, I'm willing to talk, and listen without judgemend if you want.
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    Always man, onwards and upwards.
    Life really kicks you in the balls sometimes BUT you now have a freedom to find something better.
    Its hard but try not to let it keep you down too much, keep your eyes open to what new opportunities are around and you will find someone who makes you happier.
    Best of luck mate.
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    I know how you must feel, but remember everything happens for a reason! It will take some time but eventually you will get over her and meet someone new :)
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    Yeahhh. That's what happened to me. Im not the only one.. This place sucks.
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    Yep same here. Except he also threw it in my face that he was miserable the whole time (he seemed pretty happy to me)...Love sucks!

    The hatred really can contaminate your soul. Sure has for me, but maybe we just need more time. :unsure: