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my girlfriend is 'like that' again...

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faye is my gf's name...well, thats the shortened version...my daughter's names are faye(my gf got to name her), Demi, and Lakela. I'm scared for them. My gf keeps trying to hurt me in front of them, so that they won't want to be around me...she figures they won't want to be around someone that is weak...I guess I'll say some stuff about myself...I'm 17, and I live with my gf, i can't get out...I have been forced to get artificially pregnant 2 times. One of the times was with Lakela (the oldest) and the 2nd time, was with Faye and Demi. My parents....well, I dont live with them, obviously, and we don't talk much, they have no idea whats going on...All 3 of my daughters were born prematurely and barely lived...What should I do? Whenever i am with my kids...my gf is there, and I cant get away with them...but I can't leave them with her...my gf has my car keys...everything. She listens in on my phone calls...how do I get out?...some one help... please...


It may be time to consider talking to a lawyer.Get some advice on some options.Family therapy maybe? im really not to sure.


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I would suggest 1, discussing it with your doctor, as they can suggest places that can help you.

I also think that if you are in the UK you can try Connexions ( http://www.connexions-direct.com/ ), as they too will be able to help. They are for people ages 13-19 and they can help with a whole range of issues and provide you with professional and practical advice and help.

You are in an incredibly unhealthy environment, and it sounds very unhealthy for the children too.

You mention your parents, now might be the time to try and talk to them, get their advice and ask for their help. No one, not any one person, should ever have to deal with the abuse that you are dealing with.

If you won't do something to help yourself, try and do something to help those kids who are growing up and learning bad habits and many other bad things too.

You should NOT put up with this honey. Try talking to the connexions people online and see what they say.

Hang in there
So, how old is your girlfriend? Are Faye and Demi twins? Tough to have 3 girls at 17. I am not sure how you can take the responsibilities of raising them and going to scholl ful time. Also a bit confused about how you can post from scholl. You are lucky if your school allows this kind of access. Most school I know have a strict firewall and you would not even be allowed to access the site, let alone post on it. Each is different though. I hope you get things worked out. You don't need andy extra stress than you already are dealing with.
well, I guess I'm lucky, my school lets us get on to this site, because they know I need it...my girlfriend is 23, and yes, Faye and Demi are twins. they are so cute! but seeing them makes me so sad, because they are so small (they were born prematurely). I'm sorry for not emailing you songie. I'll do that as soon as i can.


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you didn't say how she hurts but so I'm going to assume it's physically. First, you need to get access to some cash. I'm not sure how because I'm not talking to you directly. Then you need to get a cell phone, even if it's just one of those pay-as-you-go plans. Then you need to get in touch with the authorities (police, crisis interventioners, anyone really) and they can helpyou work out the legistics. Hope this helps hun.


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My school lets me on this site. I actually found this site at school. My school doesn't care about the safety and well-being of its students. All it cares about is making money and enforcing dumb-ass rules. They don't even care about education anymore. All they want to do is try and catch students with their cell phones or punishing them for being absent (even with a doctor's excuse).

Anywho, I'm not sure what advice to give you. Everyone else seemed to pretty much pinned the problem of getting help.. I don't know what you're going through, but I'm sure it's really bad, which is why you need to get you and your children out of there. Otherwise it's going to long-term affect you and them.
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