My girlfriend left me

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    I wasn't really sure where to put this, it covers depression relationships and borders on suicide.
    I read somewhere that a person is likely to consider suicide if their pain outweighs the resources they have to fight that pain.
    I have never liked my life. It's like, whenever i try to do something to make myself a little bit happier something else goes wrong and makes me feel worst than before.
    The reason i posted this thread here instead of under suicide is because i don't really want to kill myself, i want to want to kill myself because if i wanted to die i would just do it then all this pain would go away.
    I was feeling like this about three years ago, but then i met a girl, she was perfect for me, and she didn't make my pain go away but she made it easier to deal with, so now the resources balanced out the pain.
    Now she's left and i obviously have the pain of her leaving, making the pain heavier, but also i have lost the only effective resource i have ever had to cope with my pain.
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    Relationships are going to be on and off. Even in the most successful ones there is usually a period where things aren't going very well.

    Have you ever thought about professional therapy or counseling or talking to a doctor about the depression? I only mention these as possible "resources" to begin to deal with the pain you're going through. Just so you know, one of the reasons many of us suggest this is that we have been through it ourselves. Most of us have been through therapy and are on, or have tried meds.
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    I' not currently in any kind of therapy but I'm hoping to be soon, I had an appointment a while ago and should be getting a call about it in the next month or so.
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    I've been in that place before my friend. A lot of us have. I know it's harder to imagine now but keep in mind that all this temporary. The hurt will wear off with time, just hang in there.
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    I could have written that post it sounded so familiar :( people always seem to get on at you for becoming significantly more suicidal after a break up and say stuff like she wasn't worth it, but it's not just the pain of the break up it's the loss of the ledge you were holding onto. I think time and the hope of finding another person who makes you feel as good as she did are the only things that can pull you through. It's unbearable now, you don't want to hear this, but it will eventually fade to a dull pain you can sometimes ignore.