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I have thought of a life goal.. Tho I'm not sure how far it will go..

I wish I could start a movement.. To help change the world. But I'm not sure how to do it.. Wish I could build a new country. Where people aren't so set on greed and shit. Us here on SF and people who actually do care are what HOLD THE WORLD TOGETHER!! You all need to see that. Without kindness in some form the world will crumble. And that is why it already is. Because people are beginning to be brainwashed into thinking they need power. Greed is taking over the human race. And acceptance is only now based on stature. I wish the world had not become so heartless. And as I said. WE ARE THE ONES HOLDING UP THE WORLD.. But if greed and power take us all in, the world will fall..

I hope one day I can somehow start a movement. I'm not sure how.. But I want to.. And to quote Margaret Mead.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead​


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I kinda came up with a list of some basic beliefs I'd want my movement to promote if I started it:

-Every person has the right to feel the way they do no matter what reasoning behind it

-Every person deserves a fair chance to be heard, no matter what point they wish to make.

-Every person has ir-replaceable value

-Every person has weaknesses and strengths and we should not judge them.

-Every person is equal in rights and responsibilities

-People can be whoever they feel they are and not feel threatened based on ANY stereotype

-People are people no matter gender, sexual, or any other orientation they wish to be.

-No religion should be forced upon another.

-Every person has a right to their own personal beliefs

-Every person should have a say in their life and how they wish to live it.

-Everyone deserves to be cared for no matter how much money they make or what disabilities they may or may not have.

-No person is better then another

-Children are people as well, and should have a say in matters that concern them.

-Every person should be taken seriously with ANY concern they may have.

-We all need to strive to be honest and fair

-We all make mistakes and we shouldn't use those mistakes to judge a persons capabilities.

-Everyone deserves to be loved and wanted

-No one deserves to be physically, emotionally, or sexually harmed for ANY reason.
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