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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by BlueMia, Jan 22, 2008.

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    last march, one of my friends commited suicide. she was only 13.

    i went to her funeral- but i still can't get over her death. but what makes it worse is that i can't cry. the tears want to come but they won't. it hurts that i can't cry and about a week ago i cut myself with a woman's razor on my hand, because i was depressed. i regretted it almost instantly- and i have only told two people who are my best friends in the whole world and i would trust with my life. i haven't even told my sister- and we tell eachother everything. it was my friend's death, and my exam stress, and college stress all just weighing up on me... and i haven't got any happier and i'm scared i might do it again. please, please help because i feel horrid.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I do hope you will not cut again. Sounds like you were under so much pressure with so much happening. I once lost a 13 year old cousin to suicide. i didn't know him very well but it was so hard to think of someone so young taking their own life.

    I'm glad you've joined us here and I hope we can be of support to you. :hug:
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    err, you need to let yourself go.
    you state to have exams on right? well, that does suck :wink:
    But seriously though, dont carry the weight of the world on you shoulders. You loved that girl, I'm sure she wouldnt want you to do anything harming to yourself because of her.

    Get through your exams, and just let it all go. You will do eventually, but the sooner, the better.

    eh, if the cutting felt good, or atleast it helped, I wont advise you not to. But from that post, I say neither did you enjoy it, neither did it help at all. So its just not worth it.

    See you round.
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    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    Its awful to see that she was only 13 thats so young
    I feel for you
    I also had a friend comitting suicide 8 months ago but i started grieving once I stopped looking for answers I will never have and once I started forgiving her
    forgiveness is a key to this special grief that is suicide

    you are in my thoughts and im here if u want to talk
  5. Petal

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    im very sorry for your loss :hug:
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    13 years only.. still a kid.

    This age is very dangerous when kids grow to teenegar. They'll get sensible and always have another opinion, quarrel and so on. Honestly, who didn't think one time to run away from home when we were young?

    This is very sad because I'm sure she'd be happy if she'd got over it (around 16 ~ 18 you see the world clear)

    But Mia, don't you let yourself get down, too. The death of your friend should e a reason for you to go on and and grab the life like you friend probably would have.

    Hang in there, I know you'll do it!! :laugh: