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My hallucinations were supposedly caused by bullying

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I've just been discharged (as an out patient) from my councilling and they belive that my 'multi-sensory hallucinations' were due to trauma from bullying! I had no idea that it would be the cause! Although it has made family members realise quite how much it affected me which I guess is a good thing. Also I was at risk of developing phsycosis.
Anyone else had a similar experience or an opinion about this? :smile:
I wasn't aware that you could have hallucinations related to bullying. it must have been really severe, I'm sorry that this happened.

yeah, I think you're right, at least it should register with your family and others that what you went through was serious. I think that all to often people only see physical ailments that they can see are severe, but often the wounds of the heart and mind are far more painful and profound
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