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My hart is open and I dont no what to do

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My hart is open and wounded it hurts what do I do as I sit and ponder this I wonder what will happen next. Will it heal will it break some more will it stay the same I have dreams for it heal and for me to move forward. But as I sit here and ponder the future I am scared to move ahead. I like it here in my comfort zone. I am scared to move ahead and see what the future holds for me will it be happiness or will it be more sorrow only time will tell it has come time for me to go ahead with my planes to move ahead in life and see what is out of my little world that I have created for me. This surgery that I am going to have is not going to fix it all it wont make the sadness and the hart break go away from my hart only I can do that with time and patients and perseverance. What are the steps that I need to take to get there. 1. Tell myself that I am worth it every day.2. Work on the problems that lie beneath the outside shell of what I see as me. 3. Know that it is not what is on the out side that counts it is what is on the inside of me that is what counts. As the outside is only a hard shell of what is really underneath of me and can be pealed away.4. admit that I have the strength to do all of this and that I am worth it once again, I have to tell my self every day that I love my self. How can I let max really love me if I can not really love me for who I am. I have to stop caring so much what others have to say about me or what they think of me. Who cares what they think they will not make me as a person. I am me weather they like me or not. All of things are so easy to put here on paper. I just get more and more depressed as I think about what all is going on, the more I try to come out of this hole it seems the further I go in it. I am open to suggestions as to what I can do to over come this fear that has me wrapped up so that I can move on with life and be there for my kids like I should and not be a failur to them as well Thanks for reading Taff
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