'My Heart Hurts'

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Wysteria Blue, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member

    'My Heart Hurts'

    “My heart hurts” sounds like such a simple phrase,
    but it’s meaning to me is great.
    This phrase my last attempt to cry out
    from the pain and fear that won’t abate.

    Not a very good descriptive
    but the only one I have to explain,
    the knots in my stomach moving up
    to choke the air in my throat again.

    “My heart hurts” is all I can tell the docs.
    They look at me and try to see,
    never realizing how true and
    powerful this simple statement can be.

    How long I have been fighting
    these demons and anguish unseen?
    How long can I live in this world
    of charred remains of the old me?

    ‘Tis not the song of a lark in the morn,
    but a cry from the dark within,
    from my inner self so empty,
    yet so full of fear and oblivion.

    A locked pandora’s box
    riding heavily on my back,
    tarnishing my heart and soul
    in shades of green and black.

    My heart hurts is all I can say…
    in hopes of keeping this horror at bay…
    a plea, a cry, a voice unheard,
    a whisper really, before being swept away.

    My heart hurts is all I may say,
    as I laugh forlornly at no one..
    just to make it through another day,
    and stifle the pain down deep again.

    My heart hurts is all I will at last say…
    whether to stay…
    or whether to
    just melt away.

    ‘My heart hurts’ will echo over the seas…
    Softly carried by the breeze..
    My final refrain and plea for release.
    from this loneliness and for the peace
    that only the angels know that I seek….

    by Wysteria Blue
    aka mpk 12/31/2012
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  2. mulberrypie

    mulberrypie Well-Known Member

    it's beautiful
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