my horrible day...

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    ok so this is just me rambling - i had thee worst day at work today.

    i was nice and early - id got up fine and was feeling good. last night i had a good talk with an ace friend and i was feeling good- confident and like i can deal with things.

    things were ok - was just doing general cleaning and tidying. my boss went upstairs to sort out some application forms. the feeling between us all was good and we were having a good laugh.

    a little time later my area manager arrived - which isnt unusual. he said hello and was perfectly fine and things were good - he went upstairs to see my boss.

    a bit later - a colleague of mine had to go see the area manager for a price, when he came down he told me that he wanted to see me. i freaked out - the area manager wanted a word with me. instantly i thought i was getting sacked.

    last week there was an assistant managers meeting at our head office - and my assistant manager went. he is ment to come back and talk us through things that has been said - but he didnt.

    before i went upstairs to talk to them my assistant manager said to me - if he he asks you if i told you things from the meeting tell him i did and say it was ...and he began to tell me what i should have been told when he got back.

    so i went upstairs - i was so so scared. shaking like mad, started to burn up. i was glad my boss was there - just him being there relaxed me. my area manager is lovely but he is a big boss so i got really nervous.

    i sat down and he told me it wasnt anything to do with me, that i wasnt in trouble - then he asked me what my assisstant manager had told us about the meeting. so i told him that he didnt say anything - and that he had just told me a few things - incase i was asked. i was totally honest - i think my boss could tell i was being totally honest. the area manager did go on to say what a good job im doing and that im a hard worker which means so so much coming from him.

    i went back down and my assisstant manager went up to talk to him. i was so scared he would know what i said and then be mad with me. he comes across as a violant man and i was pretty scared for my safety if im honest.

    i dont know what was said but when he came down he was fine.

    later on this afternoon, after the area manager left, my boss and assistant manager went upstairs to talk. they were gone about an hour and half - felt like forever. i dont know what was said but my assistant manager came down with tears in his eyes and said he was really sorry that as a result of his actions i was interrorgated like that. he went on to say how it was unfair. from the things he was saying i could tell he thought i had lied for him - to cover him - but i didnt. all this wassetting me off and i found it so so hard to hold back the tears. but i was cashing up and had to hold myself together.

    when we were leaving there was just me and my boss on the shop floor and i asked him what he knew - if he knew that i didnt lie and he said he didnt. i dont know what to feel.

    i kinda keep thinking i should have lied. my assistant manager will start with loads of sacrastic comments about how hes been treated. he just thinks i lied to cover him and i didnt. ive felt so ill today - and i dont know why. just writing all this has helped make things clear but - i dunno - just feel really numb about it all. i never actually cried - maybe i need to - i dont know.

    sorry this is so long - me rambling on.

    Did i do the right thing telling the truth? - part of me wishes i didnt but i have so much respect for my boss and couldnt lie to him. i just dont know - head is all over the place.

    Take care everyone

    clare xxx
  2. sarahg

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    clare u so did right thing my love
    if u didnt u could of lost job plus lost respect for urself
    i promise u if u did not do as u did u wouild be feeling worse
    hugs to u and no 1 should ever ask u to lie for them
    it was there mistake not urs and they dragged u in
    u are such a great friend and all have seen that
    except and be proud that they think u do a great job
    love and hugs
  3. savetoniqht

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    :eek:hmy: i'm a little confused, but from what i got it definitely sounds like you did the right thing. :hug: feel better. <3
  4. kath

    kath Well-Known Member

    I agree with a little confused too [not hard to confuse me lol![ but sounds liek you did the right thing.You did your best and thats the important thing.You are a good person and im sorry you had to deal with all that.Also agree with Sarahg that you could have lost your job and even more importantly [in my view] your resepect for yourself if you hadnt just been honest as you were.Also like Sarahg i feel very much that it was very unfortunate and perhaps even unfair that you got dragged into this.i hope it helped to write this out and that you can feel at least a little better.How are you now Clare?
  5. vbuk

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    i feel a lil bit better - all the facts that i wrote arent that important - just helped to get things in order for my sake tbh. basically i was told to lie to my boss and area manager by my assistant manager - he thinks i did and i didnt.

    it just takes me a while to get over things like this

    Clare x
  6. kath

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    i can understand it taking you a while to get over this.In many ways this is a big thing and it can take me ages to get over really really tiny things......and i mean really really tiny.
  7. starlight2006

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    You really did do the right thing. If you had of lied, I think you would have felt worse. you would be constantly worried about Kev finding out. Being honest like that takes alot, especially when someone has asked you to lie for them. It wasn;t fair of them to put you in that position in the first place. If you had been caught lying to ur boss and area manager it could have cost ur job
  8. vbuk

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    i do feel alot better about it today - i think i was really overwelmed about it all - writing it all down helped - made me see what actually did happen!

    Thansk for all your replies and help

    clare xxx
  9. danni

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    I'm glad you feel better hun :hug:
  10. emma-louise

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    You did the right thing honey :hug: