my husband keeps hitting me.

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  1. Today was another day like every day since I have birth to our 9 month old son. Ever since the beginning of my pregnancy he has pushed me around and told me I was fat and worthless. Today it escalated into him chasing me around the house choking me and punching me in the head and face. He pulled my hair out and I have three bald spots from this. He blacked my eye and I think he might have broke a rib or two. I can't leave cause if I do and anyone finds out about this I could lose my son. I am bipolar and so is he. We are both on disability and it's not a whole lot of money so I can't run away cause I can't afford it. My family can't help because they have so much going on and they don't know.
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    You do not have to run away. Call 911 and have the police come or call 211 and explain it to social services rep and they will send police and social services and the situation is fixed. They do not take children away if you are abused , they take children away if they are living in an abusive environment because it is unsafe for them. If you do not want to do that for yourself and to protect yourself then cal and do it for your child so they do not have to grow up in that type of environment. As a single mother with child you will get far more help than with 2 of you both getting disability in the same house so the change in financial situation is minimal- is not like leaving him means losing his 50k a year income need to pay mortgage if is on disability. I wish was some bright cheery thing to say like it will get better and don't worry about it - but the reality is in that situation only choice is to leave or have him taken away and the far easier and simpler method in the situation you describe is have him taken away and get order of protection. It is the only way to protect yourself and your child at all.
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    I wouldn't call 911 though it looks logical.
    But depending it might makes things worse if your husband see you involving police ... what happens when they leave and you're left with him ?
    But maybe you should go to a doctor first (so someone keeps track on this) and maybe goto the police so they can keep track on this to.
    It HAS to be recorded somewhere

    Social service are definitely best option, there is alsoa lot of women association who probably will be glad to help you.
    But you can't stay alone and don't turn your back on your family. I am sure they would feel crushed to know what happens and that they didn't helped you.
    But social service are used to this situation and they are probably the one who will handle it better.

    But you CAN'T go on like this. It might end up bad for you and your baby. You have to protect him and you. You are responsible for both of your life.
    You CAN get away... we are only unable to do what we are scared of. Please take care of you !!! Don't wait for the situation to get even worst.
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    First. You are not limited. Go to the police station with your son, explain to them what happened. They will hook you up with resources and go from there. If you are afraid of retaliation, they can set a restraining order.

    You got your family. You are more important to them alive and safe.

    If a man is going to whale on the woman that annoyed him, what will happen when your son is few more months older and more mobile and will be more handful? Your son isnt safe either. He will target your son sooner than later.

    I recent lost a friend to domestic violence. He was only 31. He was the victim. She stabbed him in the back multiple times. The Autosopy determined he died from the first stab wound.

    There are thousands of programs for battered women and their children you dont have to do this alone. Depending on where you live there is a way out of this.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your suffering and physical abuse. You are important well as your unborn child. He is causing undue stress. You need to be strong and call the necessary authorities. You are a victim of domestic violence. I fear that something bad will happen. Please get away from him for your own safety.

    Please be strong and keep posting.
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    I read this last night and it saddened me so much, you NEED to get out of that situation, he is a coward, you need to do what you can to protect your baby and yourself, i suggest you call the police and stay with family. i much easier said but you need to do it, you do not deserve this at all. We are here for you, i promise :)
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    Hey, please speak to 999/911 services and get the appropriate help you need it now. Can you get away from him for a while, perhaps go for a walk and make the call stay somewhere safe
  8. Thanks everyone. I can't post much but to be honest I tried going to the police and was told I was lying because I'm not the kind of girl to be abused. The officer took me back to our house and now he takes my phone and checks everything. I can't text or call anyone. He doesn't let me go to the store or even take our son to the Dr. He does that. I'm scared. I'm only able to thank you all because of an old phone he listens to music on works on WiFi and he left it.
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    Don't go to the police go to a woman association.
    They're more used to this they will give you the best advices.
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    I know you said you can't run away because you can't afford it, but you need to get out of there. You need to take your son, leave, and find your way to a women's shelter. If you don't, he's going to continue hurting you, and chances are he'll hurt your son too. You have to protect yourself, and your son, by leaving. Otherwise, neither of you is safe, and both your lives are at risk.
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