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  1. Every day I find myself losing my identity more and more, and becoming more and more nostalgic for the way I use to be. I yearn every day for that person to come back and claim me. But now I'm too tired to even move hardly. I'm constantly on the go. I don't even know who I am anymore. I can't be myself, for fear of losing my job, my friends, my boyfriend, my family... They didn't like the old me. They like the new me. But I'm not really me right now. I'm some lifeless shell that just floats listlessly through life. Everything I do is to make everyone else happy. It's considered selfish to try and make myself happy. Screw me, I gotta answer to everyone else's wishes. And no one realizes how unhappy I am. I hardly acknowledge my unhappiness anymore. There's no point. I have no time. Can't sit around and mope, gotta get up and do as everyone says. I miss the old me so much. The one who wore black all the time and didn't give a shit about others. The one who wasn't worried about losing her job because she was wearing black fingernail polish. The one who was reckless and didn't care. I miss that. Because I didn't have worries. Now they grow on me more and more. I'm losing who I use to be, and I don't want to. I've lost my identity. I've let everyone transform me into what they want. They had no concerns for how I felt. Just as long as I was molded into what they wanted. Now I'm so tired. So ready to give it all up. Just for only a few moments of rest. Just give me a minute, let me be who I use to be. Which do you like better? Exactly. The me now. The me then was an ugly, ungrateful little bitch whom I loved very much.
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    my idenity is "crazy guy"
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    who are you talking to?
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