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my insides are going numb

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who am i suppose to go to when im feeling like this? I wanna call a hot line but then again i dont. My world is spinning now. Im getting really dizzy. Im not getting anywhere with no one to talk to. Please make me feel better. I dont want to be alive. Make it go away. I justt wanna sleep. Kill me. Please kill me. Im beginning to not feel my insides for some reason. I cant even think straight. I wanna go to the hospital and feel better. My limbs are going numb now


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Hi Emily, It sounds like you are having panic attacks.. You should make an appointment with your pdoc... Let him/her know how you are feeling..Tell them you are having high anxiety and panic attacks..They should put you on meds for it..You aren't alone, you have us to talk to or even vent your frustrations..Are you on meds currently?? If so let them know they aren't working..
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