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    I have to think back to time
    So long ago
    Trying to remember a happy time
    For more then a week or a day
    It feels like a different person
    In a place so far away
    For years I couldn’t define it
    Always tired and sad
    time went on moods changed
    no matter what
    Always angry or mad
    Mad at the world
    Mad at my life
    Buried in my work
    House, new car
    Even a good wife
    Still not enough
    Never enough
    Still angry still mad
    Fighting the angry and all the hate
    Always the same
    I played by their rules
    Still nothing changed
    Hating myself it got stronger all the time
    Shutting off from the family
    Then get rid of the wife
    They must all be blind
    I just hate this whole life
    Then by myself I can finally be free
    What will it be, whiskey and pills
    A bullet from a gun
    A blade or the car
    Who cares just pick one
    The first didn’t do it
    And now it’s strike two
    Am I here for a reason
    Is that what this is about
    Am I just so fucked up
    I can’t figure things out
    sit here today typing these words
    Sending them here
    For someone to see
    Knowing there others
    Yes others like me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.