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my intro

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by fossil, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. fossil

    fossil New Member

    Hello i'm a 27 year old male from the UK and going through a shit time at the moment. I joined here just to see if other people are going through similar issue as myself. Not really sure what I should post or what to expect, so here it goes.

    My problems have been going on for a about 4 months, just feeling really down all the time, feeling alone, not really seeing a future for myself. I'm always struggled with confidence and its held me back in my life. I blew my oppurtunities and University, basically wasted 3 years doing nothing and the job I do now I could have done leaving school. I really hate my life at the moment apart from when I play football (soccer) i'm never at peace.

    I've started having suicidal thoughts since last month when I found out the person I love is having a child to somebody else. Everything been rushing around in my head since and I cant escape the thoughts of her its on my mind every second of every day.

    I've started seeing a counsellor and hoping this will make me feel better and get some happiness back into my life. I dont really want any of my family knowing about my feelings as I dont want to upset them. I dont think I would ever do anything to harm myself only becasue I wouldnt want to hurt those close to me.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    WElcome to SF fossil it is good to see you reaching out for help here and in real life. Hard what you are going thru but you can get past this pain and move forward Keep posting okay let us know how you are doing in therapy
  3. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    HI fossil.. welcome to SF.. hope counseling helps you.. personally i have found a lot of help after a search by my psychiatrist to find the right meds.. now they are the right ones.. some people's blood chemistry lacks natural antidepressants.. this maybe your current situation.. your current situation in job , the future unknown i have done also.. these are always sort of haunting you and near the surface..

    hope you are able to contimue feeling that you are not going to harm yourself.. hopefully we can help you with this.. Jim
  4. Jake.V

    Jake.V Banned Member

    I understand its hard. Im glad you found this community. In times like this I think the best thing you can do is stay proactive in getting support for yourself. I think getting out and doing more physical activities would do tons of good for you if you can manage it. Its when we isolate and have too much time that suicidal thoughts seem to pop up. I hope to see you in chat some time. If you ever need to talk feel free to PM me.
  5. fossil

    fossil New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome.
  6. diazepam69

    diazepam69 New Member

    Hi fossil
    I'm 29 years old and since I was 22 I've suffered from agoraphobia and social anxiety. I can relate to much of your life. I studied electric engineering for 1 year and then programming for another but quit both due to my anxieties. I had a bright future in basketball also, but let it slip through my hands. I later fell into alcoholism. I'm still alive, my soul must be iron (quoting Tool). I would strongly recommend you seeing a counsellour, as the psychologists Ive seen have done nothing for me!! Your message brings me great comfort as I have also been thinking of suicide constantly, but have refrained from putting my thoughts into action... I have no answers, but I share our questions
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