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  1. Sorry i guess i should have done this before posting other threads. Leave it me to mess even this up.
    Ive suffered from depression since an early age. Im now 34 and its been off and on more intense than ever. I used to say that suicide could never be an option. Now its all i think about sometimes, especially today which is why ive come here.
    Im a father, a husband (well not legally but i am in my heart). I love those two with all my heart. But sometimes that love doesnt feel like its enough to stop these compulsions and the depression. I have no money for counseling, but im on some meds.
    Well thats about it for me. I hope to glean some sort of help by talking to people here, and maybe help someone else like me if i can.
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    hey CK. no worries about not having written here first. its not required. so you are good :) I am so sorry to hear that you too suffer from depression, and compulsions. As you may have guessed, many or maybe even most here do. i wish there was a way you could get decent counselling where you live wihout having to pay for it. Although I do understand how it works that sometimes it just cant be.

    i have found some resources through United Way where i live. They have a huge listing of all kinds of resources. i live in the US. United way is such a mecca for resource info here that people usually can reach them by dialing 211. So if that feels right to you, and you do come from the us maybe you would want to check it out. see if there is help available where you live.

    Having said that, i think you chose a really good place to come. this is an unusually caring community. First, because of the people who run the website. and also because of the people who come here. i dont know what i would do without it.

    You said " I hope to glean some sort of help by talking to people here, and maybe help someone else like me if i can." i think that those who know the specific pain and isolation of suffering with depression ( and more) are the best at hearing other people who do as well. Simply by doing that, it can make people feel less alone. I am glad you are here :welcome:
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    Hi just want to welcome you to SF and to let you know here if you ever need to talk or vent good place to come for support
  4. I just got through a pretty decent period but im back down again, you know how it is. I havent drinken since the last time i posted. But man still does it ever hurt.
    I have been bouncing between normal and blinding saddness, anger. You name it. My son is all that i can smile at most of the time and alot of that is forced and faked for his sake. God im sad. I wish i knew what to do.
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