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  1. Hello to all, and allow me to introduce myself.

    First of all its important to state that I am not myself suicidal, however I have been in the past. I suffered, (and to an extent still do) from derealization, depression, anxiety, social phobia and extreme shyness, the later of which i think has been the cause of all my problems. I consider myself to be a very intelligent person and I think the problems I have had have set me back considerably, however, at the age of 32, I now feel I am ready to cope with life and move forward. I am excited at that prospect, but as a result of my extreme shyness have poor social skills and considerable lack of motiviation. I do have good friends, especially one of which I can talk to about my problems, so I intoduce myself more to offer advice than to receive it, not to say of course that help and advice would be something I would avoid.
    Perhaps what I am trying to say is that for 15 years I have found it very difficult to be myself. I'm not sure why that is. Why should I be worried what people think of me? I should just be myself, surely? After all, i'm not a bad person. Strangely though I do find it hard to be myself, I dont any longer suffer from the debilitating depression and shyness I used to, but the last mile can sometimes be the hardest mile due to a higher awareness of what it means.
    Anyway, thank you for reading this. I am now of stable mind after being so depressed that suicide seemed a very viable option. I have never been abused or in any other way particularly badly treated; mental illness is an illness like any other. In conclusion, ive suffered from mental illness for many years but am coming through it, so there is hope for you all, and if anybody needs advice I would like to help and of course i'm always open to receiving help and wisdom too!

    Cheers, James
  2. nonethelessjaclyn

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    Welcome James.
    i'm glad you made it through your illness and want to help people. i hope you succeed!
    again, welcome!
  3. Thanks! Its never an easy process, mental illness is disgustingly overlooked by the world. I feel i will succeed, my shyness is always there, but lesser day by day. I've nothing to show for my life, but i'm only 32. Funny thing is, 5 years ago I thought I was too old, now I realise I will still be young enough in 5 years from now.
  4. total eclipse

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    hi just want say welcome to SF glad you are here
  5. Animosity

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    welcome to sf!!! :hug:
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