My """"job""""" or lack there of

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    This is getting old fast!
    What happened?
    I go to a staffing agency, thinking "good, i can make some money"

    I go to one job, spend 8 hours with nothing to do..

    They send me to another place,
    I show up, they choose the girl that was also there. Why? "To train HER"
    They basically said thanks for wasting your day, go home. Neither of us was "qualified" to do the job, but i get kicked.

    Okay, i can move past this...

    I go to (another) job today.
    I show up, do my job quickly/with quality/no major screw ups/didn't cause trouble.

    They call ME out, and send me home an hour/half early. There were like 5 people, and it was pretty busy at this point. They called ME out to leave because "we have too many people"

    I get a call from the staffing people, guess what?
    "The ""company"" called, they asked you not to come in tomorow" i did the exact same amount/type of work as everyone else...
    I just didn't talk to people, i guess it's my fault for having social anxiety? Or maybe bc i didn't keep the bosses entertained?

    They say hey:
    "We can get you to ((another)) job, do you have a ride"
    I told them i don't......

    Basically i'm unemployed again, this whole buisness is fing annoying. They offered me 0 reason to not go back either time. I do my work well...
    Guess that doesn't matter now?