my kids make pigs look like neat freaks!!!

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    I KNOW it's just "the age". I KNOW it's just common behaviour for kids... but that doesn't make it any easier to tolerate...:mad:

    I had two jobs today. Stopped at home for a cup of coffee inbetween and to tell the youngest kid to DO THE DAMN DISHES AND CLEAN UP HER MESSES!!! Just got home after second job (worked my ass off at both of them) and going to grocery store and what do you think I found??? A HUGE mess in the kitchen and NO dishes washed! Not to mention the mess in the bathroom...:dry: They went out to eat with dad tonite and youngest made the kitchen and bathroom mess... and she KNOWS she's going to catch hell for it... but she just doesn't care. She flaunts my parental authority as if I had none. I can hardly wait for her to go move in with daddy and trash his place...:dry:

    So I'm now having a large glass of wine (called Mommy's Time Out!!:wink: ) and trying to keep from going in the kitchen. I'm going to try hard not to let it get to me. I'm going to think of positive things about myself that youngest kid is unaware of... or just dismisses. I'm going to get tipsy enough to not give a shit.:wink: I"m going to remember my lovely loving friends here and try not to get upset. I feel some better just "letting it out".

    least, the momstrocity:dry:
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    I feel your pain. I'm the oldest of three daughters and my family, (both parents and both sisters) are a lot like your children. I'm the one who does ALL the dishes, takes out garbages, wash towels and scrubs the floors. My jobs get done on time (they have to or we couldn't eat). My sisters' jobs; cleaning bathrooms, vacuming and dusting - haven't been done in a month!!! My parents go to work, get home and dad watches TV and mom goes straight to the computer until bedtime, EVERYDAY.

    I finally got so sick of it I just did it all today and yesterday. they all appreciate it and like the clean house, but do you think they'll help keep it clean!?
  3. theleastofthese

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    Probably not. Just like my youngest - she knows that eventually I'll get sick of the mess and clean it up so she doesn't bother, or worse, she openly and shamelessly defies me, throwing a 14 yr old tantrum.:mad:

    No, if they know you'll do it they probably won't help. My therapist told me I had essentially two choices: I could scream and yell and fight with the youngest and then clean the messes, or I could just clean up the messes and not get myself all worked up with anger and frustration making an ulcer in my stomach lining. I mostly do the latter, clean up without the fighting, then come here to scream and yell.

    It's horribly frustrating tho, when family members don't share chores. Easiest course of action would be for each one to simply clean up after him/herself, but some people just won't do the simple things...:sad:

  4. Terry

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    Perhaps we 3 should move into together. I'll send my son over to your lot, Ealdc can pack of his/her lot to em and we can all live in a nice clean tidy place where chores are shared and people live in harmony.:biggrin:

    WELL I CAN DREAM CAN'T I ??!!!! :laugh:
  5. theleastofthese

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    sounds cozy to me!!:biggrin: great idea. I wonder could I ship the kids parcel post, it would be cheaper than airfare.:wink: