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my last few days??

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Im scared that tonight will be my last night alive. things are going from bad to worse and even the smallest of things is killing me... LITERALLY!
I'm afraid of what I might do next... Im worried because everything is just falling apart. Im too depressed to care anymore. I've pushed everyone and everything away and now Im more than ready to give up this fight. I'm soooo tired of trying to make my life better... it never works. No matter how hard I try nothing seems to work out. Sure things might get better but Im not willing to wait any longer...
babe,,, its horrible to hear you in so much anguish,,,, if you want to talk,, im around,,,, give me a shout,, please,, please, dont rush into doing somthing you may regret,,, ive been there too
realisticaly, you wont,,,, but those around you will probably regret your departure.
i have prayed for an end to it all,, ive screamed for it,, ive literally hit my knees begging for an end to come,,,,,,,,,,

how would you regret death,,,,,,,, i dont know,, you answer it,, what would you miss?


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With all the extreme pain and anguish your feeling, yes it would feel like you wouldn't regret anything if you died especially the fact that you did commit suicide. But this pain is clouding everything great that is in life and so you would miss out on all of it. There are a lot of things to enjoy in life but of course they don't matter if you are depressed and suicidal.

I feel that you really should get some help right now please, don't go through this alone, call a crisis hotline number, get yourself checked into a hospital, ANYTHING!


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Mel please do this call the hospital and get yourself checked in,just give it a go please it's worth it because you deserve it.Tell them how much distress you're in and seriously they can and will do what it takes to help you,blurt everything out and I mean everything.Just give it a shot I know you're in so much pain and also when you're so down nothing really does help,but maybe and just maybe getting yourself checked into Hospital can help please try!
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