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My last message b4 dying

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Im going to commit a suicide soon. Ive bought <Mod Edit: Abacus21-method>, and im really ready to do it. no one wants to help me, or refer me to someone who wants to help me, or tell me what should i do. :lost:

Love each other enough to forgive.
Love each other enough to be compassionate.
Love each other enough to show mercy.
"Love others like I love you."
This is the greatest love of all, to lay your life down for others (John 15:13).

:thatsit: i hate this world, thats why im going to see the other 1 soon
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We're not going to help you either, Seeking happiness.

This forum is pro-life, which means no methods, and no member will tell you how to die, or harm yourself.

Please stay and talk about what's up though :) :hug:


I think you should not do this.. I wont say that life will get any better but there are people out there that will listen, it might takin sometime to find that right person but they are surely out there... helping is a difficult thing, some of us get help by just bein able to talk with someone, others need help with things like transportation and reminders, some of us need medication and on going therapy... life can and is very difficult but we need to each find something to drive us forward, do you have any dreams or hopes?
im not satisfied with my personal life. at school i was always alone, at the univ also, ive experienced the worst years of my life, and now at work im depressed. i know that if i swallow 50 capsules i will sleep without waking up again.


being satisfied is a personal matter, what satisfies me might not you and vice versa... so to is lonliness, I prefer to be alone than with people (exception bein my children and my ex), i mainly get my social satisfaction through this site and www.abovetopsecret.com apart from those I mentioned above... what is it that you think might be able to change your satisfaction level to the better?


I can really understand the torment of depression, I dont ever remember a time in my life that it was not somehow affecting me, i find though that dreaming about the future has helped alot, therapy seams to help from time to time, but it can get exhausting... have you been diagnosed with any particular form of depression or other things?

Is This It

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I think you should try to talk about how your feeling, posting on this forum is a good place to start. You can pm me and talk it through with me if you like.
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